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Something in the way (Design Map by BlackStorm)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 9.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
funwes (11/30/2007 06:16pm):

BadFurDay (11/30/2007 06:24pm):

Tyrael (11/30/2007 07:36pm):
3k starting inf? Why's that one worth 3k? All the ones that I get are only worth 1k...
BadFurDay (11/30/2007 08:22pm):
Penguins are worth more, you have to go through the black market to find some willing to
fight for you
Evil Mastermind2 (12/01/2007 05:29am):
Penguins can eat their way through steel with their powerful beaks, CI mechs have 120%
attack against megatanks and can destroy pipes, not just pipe seams, in one turn.
walkerboh01 (01/29/2011 04:55pm):
Contested bases are not good

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