1 vs. 2 vs. 4 vs. 7
Creator: Super Striker || First Published: 12/01/2007 || Players: 14 || Size: 50x50
Categories: None
Rating: 6.85 in 20 ratings
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Super Striker (12/01/2007 07:50pm):
I saw DuelStriker's and thought it was cool so I wanted one for myself.
Super Striker (12/01/2007 08:14pm):
Well if the rating is a 2 I need some suggestions to make it better.
Tyrael (12/02/2007 02:04am):
What, no airports for CI + TG? Anyway it seems OK to me, I'm not going to count the cities
around each team, but the more people per team the more funds they should have, because
they need to make worse quality units to keep up in numbers, and if they want a fighter or
rocket or whatever, one team has to save up for a ton of turns, but the 1 can just build it and
some inf on whatever turn they feel like. 9/10
Super Striker (12/02/2007 01:12pm | Edited: 12/02/2007 01:15pm):
I put two more cities by the 7 team. I changed some cities to airports by CI and TG.
Giantkrow (12/02/2007 02:44pm):
I think the teams of 7 and 4 are gonne be fighting over each other's properties rather than
fighting the opponent.
Super Striker (12/02/2007 02:56pm | Edited: 12/02/2007 03:07pm):
Exactly thats why I gave the team of 7 a few extra properties and the team of 4 has 3
towers and 3 silos. What I expect is someone on the team of 4 will be Javier and they will
work out something to let Javier get all the towers. Then if the Javier manages to snatch a
tower in the middle the team of 4 has a good chance. The team of 7 will have a good chance
in numbers because of all the bases and airports. I might add a base or two by the team of
4. But I think your right the teams of 4 and 7 will have to work together if they want to win.
DuelStriker (12/02/2007 04:14pm | Edited: 12/02/2007 04:14pm):
You should switch the armies to balance turn order, like I did on my map. ;)
Super Striker (12/02/2007 04:23pm):
Your right I'll do it after I play a game on it because I already have a lot of people who joined.
Nyvelion (10/23/2012 10:25am):
An interesting concept, 10/10.
Meta Rexy (04/01/2020 07:19pm):
Poor balancing from sparse property distribution and contested bases and missile silos make
life extremely hard for everybody that is on the teams of 4 or 7.
Getting two comm towers makes it broken for the single player, especially with Sturm or javier.

4/10. Needs to be way smaller or at least fairer with team balance.

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