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Javier THE REAL LAST BOSS (Design Map by Super Striker)
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Rating: 7.17 in 12 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Super Striker (12/05/2007 10:40pm):
Rate and Comment.
Tyrael (12/05/2007 11:54pm):
sulla (12/06/2007 07:43am):
quite and amusing map. I give it 8. Perhaps a bit too big though LOL
Giantkrow (12/06/2007 05:52pm):
"Sir, he's got battleships deployed on pipes. What do we do?"
Super Striker (12/06/2007 06:00pm):
ColdFocus2 (12/06/2007 08:21pm):
My only comment is that Javier is way hardcore with 4 towers. However, I think the four
p;ayers are at least equally balanced with if not at an advantage with Javier. I will have to
Super Striker (12/06/2007 08:31pm):
Unfortunatly green picked sensei.
fdkanns (12/09/2007 07:20pm):
k. let's try
Nyvelion (10/23/2012 10:23am):
GE is sensei?
Well, it should be easy for the allies to win!

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