Curled range
Creator: Wareagle 2 || First Published: 12/06/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x20
Categories: Casual Play, Mixed Base
Rating: 7.58 in 24 ratings
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BadFurDay (12/06/2007 06:33am):
Not sure how useful those shoal locked ports will be, given that those two cities can be
accessed via T-copter for way less money, and that landers wouldn't lead to anywhere
really interesting for a working surprise assault.

Apart from that, great map, seems to lack a little something but I don't know what
exactly, 9/10
Tyrael (12/06/2007 10:42am):
Awesome/10 (unlock ports?)
wareagle (12/06/2007 03:56pm):
Yeah, apart from healing air units a bit closer to the main front or geting some more
infantry over there the ports aren't that useful. I'm not sure about unlocking them, a
battleship could be a pain in the backside since you can't counter with other sea units
and the airports are quite far away.
DuelStriker (12/06/2007 04:38pm):
This looks slightly similar to the 'Let's Kill Melon Land' map.
BadFurDay (12/06/2007 05:27pm):
Meh not really
DuelStriker (12/06/2007 05:36pm):
I said 'slightly' >_>
wareagle (12/06/2007 05:59pm):
This map was inspired SLIGHTLY by this awesome one the end results are
very different though.
BadFurDay (12/06/2007 06:02pm):
Then this map looks slightly similar to a T-shirt with a picture of my ass on it, if you
look very closely. Also notice the hidden swastika.
wareagle (12/06/2007 06:11pm | Edited: 12/19/2007 06:20pm):
Keep your ass away from my map please it's unhigenic :P
Tyrael (01/13/2008 12:04am):
^ Lol. PS- unhYgenic
DuelStriker2 (01/13/2008 01:35pm):
lindsay40k (03/02/2008 05:17pm):
Stealth units are extremely powerful when airports are separated by distance and a
Mark998 (11/14/2008 12:56pm):

Do I even NEED to say anything about that? Blue wins, end of story.
Thefishdude (12/15/2008 09:27pm | Edited: 12/15/2008 09:27pm):
not necesarily, the infantry are there to counter FTA. Otherwise OS will have an advantage.
Sarrette (12/20/2008 01:10pm):
sucks, blue has two infantry and the shore in front of the port, pfffff
Mafiasco (06/03/2009 08:51am):
this map is fun to play usually because people have lots of time to build up stuff and
theres usually a pretty big battle on each side and in the middle
Mafiasco (06/04/2009 10:45am):
that said, id like to see unlocked ports or no ports at all (and unlocking ports is a
dangerous move because you dont have a counter port for the other side)
DraconisMarch (07/21/2011 04:50am):
This looks nothing like "Let's Kill Melon Land."
pen (05/15/2020 04:39pm):
Yeah, exactly. That map has 3 whole infantries, not 2.

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