It seams we're having a major problem
Creator: BadFurDay || First Published: 12/11/2007 || Players: 5 || Size: 30x50
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 8.03 in 38 ratings
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BadFurDay (12/11/2007 09:27am | Edited: 12/12/2007 08:54am):
Your current thoughts are probably "wtf is going on in here? o_O"

Settings required to play this map:

Now for the concept...
This basically works like a Tower Defense. I saw many of these, and all were shitty (sorry
if you made one, but that's the truth). Decided to try and make a less shitty one, which
is hopefully good.
BH is the attacker, and, as stated in the lame pun in the title, there's a seam blocking
the way to the enemy HQs.

As BH, you must first move your subs on the top right of the map - you will pick your
poison by allowing to each of your enemies either 1000 extra funds per turn, either a com
tower, either two silos. Also move all your artilleries to the right, so your opponents
are forced to move their infantries and can't capture your ports. Then, your goal is to
send any unit to the bottom of the map so that you can break the seam and capture the HQs
to win the game. You also have two infantries to the right that will eventually make you
filthy rich, and a zone with bonus factories and airports in the middle.

As any of the 4 other countries, you must prevent BH from reaching the bottom of the map
with any unit capable of busting that seam open. First, use your infantries on the top
right to get whichever bonus BH allows you to get. Then, raise a defense of artilleries,
rockets, missiles, battleships, and cruisers to hold back BH for as long as possible.
Don't forget to also build recons, as scouting through the FoW is another of your duties!

Recommended COs:
BH might want to be Adder, for the movement bonuses.
The allies might want to either be Sonja for the extra vision, either Nell for the luck
bonus, or perhaps Flak/Jugger if they feel like taking that risk. Jess is fine aswell for
the bonus damage that rockets/artilleries deal.

Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something about this MAP or don't
understand some of the recommended CO bans.

P.S.: Yes, BH can attack enemy units if they really want to. But that would mostly just be
a big loss of time, they should rather focus on getting to the seam, unless they want to lose.

P.P.S.: Yes, BH can eventually build battleships on the top right and get rid of the
infantries. It's all about BH not being an asshole. And that would mean 28000 less funds
concentrated towards winning the map anyway.

BadFurDay (12/11/2007 09:28am):
In after MAJOR textwall with plenty of caps in it.

Kudos to whoever is brave enough to read and understand that whole description.
RedlineM205 (12/11/2007 11:26am):
Wayhey, I rule
amthc356 (12/11/2007 12:52pm | Edited: 12/11/2007 12:54pm):
The allies can take one of BH's ports in the northeast corner, build a cruiser, kill the subs,
and get everything that's up there. Also, after that # of days has passed, whoever has the
most property will win, which will probably be BH, which means the allies are screwed.
BadFurDay (12/11/2007 01:29pm | Edited: 12/11/2007 02:05pm):
Thanks amthc356, those are all stupid points, but I didn't think of them.
> Fixed the ports issue by giving BH starting artilleries that can get rid of the
remaining infantries on turn 2
> Removed the idea of a "days" setting and instead made the typical infantry+mountain
countdown that gives, if I counted right, BH 35 days to win this map (maybe it's too much,
maybe not enough, might change that after testing).

Edited the first comment to reflect those changes.

If anyone finds other glitches or failures, be sure to point them out, I want this map to
be bugless before I start testing it :)

DuelStriker (12/11/2007 04:26pm):
Super Striker (12/11/2007 06:03pm):
Tyrael (12/11/2007 07:25pm):
Nice MAP.
Darth Hawke (12/12/2007 07:15am):
If Black Hole was Hachi, there would be no way for the team to win. He would make a
Rocket in one of the cities on the bottom right and make it target the HQ.
BadFurDay (12/12/2007 07:47am):
If you ban the COs that I recommend banning, then there would be no Hachi anyway, so the
problem is solved.
Knifte (12/12/2007 09:01am):
i can just a little bit english
but....this map sucks

BadFurDay (12/12/2007 09:03am | Edited: 12/12/2007 09:08am):
Knifte, could you please explain why? I'm very open to criticism and constantly looking
for ways to improve my maps.

I believe that your low english skills caused you not to be able to understand the first
comment and therefore have no idea what's going on in there, making this look like random
junk scattered all over the map for no purpose...

Knifte (12/12/2007 09:09am | Edited: 12/12/2007 09:10am):
ah... because that isnīt a real game
no fun....
BadFurDay (12/12/2007 09:13am):
Okay, I get your point then :)

I make both gimmick maps and normal maps anyway, I just like to vary a bit what I do every
once in a while.
Knifte (12/12/2007 12:53pm):
UltimaOblivion12 (08/30/2008 12:01pm | Edited: 08/30/2008 12:01pm):
quick tip to the team (ignore if you dont care) (also, your infantry in the top right has to get
the city or this doesnt work) : after you have gotten the bonus BH gives you, if the subs
dont ever block the port that your living infantry is at, you can try to capture the port.
However the artilleries will attack you, eventually killing you...but they cant fire when out of
ammo...after you have gottaen shot, heal on your city (as i said before: IF YOU DIDNT GET
THE CITY, THEN THIS DOESNT WORK, sry) and after your infantry is at 10hp again, go back
on the city, get shot, rinse, repeat. Eventually the artillery will run out of ammo, and you can
capture the port, kill the subs if you wish, make a BB/Lander transport the infanty over, and
get the tower/missiles...Though like i said before, if you dont care, just ignore this post.

P.S. Great map BFD, like the design.
BadFurDay (09/01/2008 02:57am):
@UltimaOblivion: The subs can just block the port and force the infantry to stay back
though, the artilleries only have a necessary use in the first 2 turns to kill off the two
remaining infantries ;)
Armageddon07 (09/05/2008 03:10pm):
i dislike it but find it to be a preatty good map :-) good job man, good job. 10/10

acim81 (09/08/2008 06:10am):
to get all the cities at the right side, will take exactly 102 turns for BH. make less cities and
mor mountains for the defender's. A tank needs ten rounds to get from the upper bases to
the seam.

acim81 (09/08/2008 06:18am):
to prevend the allies building a cruiser on BH harbour's and to prevent to let BH build a
Battleship on the harbour's, just place ghost units on them!!
UltimaOblivion12 (09/13/2008 09:39am):
hmm yeah, i forgot about the subs being able to block...sry then
lordliam (09/19/2008 01:27pm):
i didn't count the spaces, but i think BH
on the CI "pick your poison" can let the penguins get the missiles, and then make a Bship that
can fire into the mountain countdown thing, thus eliminating the ability for the allies to win,
basically.... O.o
acim81 (09/22/2008 07:46am):
no, BH cannot fire into the moutains...
Creepy Crawly (11/26/2008 10:28pm):
In order to stop black hole from building Battleships, just give the team uncap labs.
Myst9 (12/11/2008 03:43pm):
Really. Nice. And the allies have to work together, otherwise they lose. Nice level, BFD!
SandSkin (03/14/2009 10:28am):
Nice map BFD. 10/10
Reylly (03/14/2009 04:36pm):
Is BH supposed to make rockets and arty to destroy yours?
Else make labs for the 4 other countries.
good map further.
Darth Hawke (05/22/2009 07:22pm):
Reylly, only noobs would buy waste 15,000 funds just to beat one arty. The point is moving
from one side to the next, blow up the seam, and capture to win.
Falconewing (07/01/2009 07:43pm):
The tower defenders will never win wtf
Falconewing (07/19/2009 08:53pm):
altzan (10/27/2009 09:07am):
Love it.
Ultradc01 (10/27/2009 03:50pm):
How will BH lose?
ichbinsehselber (02/13/2011 09:26am):
after having played my first game as black hole on this map my opinion is that this map is
very good (9/10)

none of the allies dropped out and all played well and I lost as black hole on day 34. Andi
makes the infantry a bit faster on the mountains with his SCOP but that was not decisive.

Difficulty level is probably about right, since normally you can expect at least one person to
get booted in a multi-player game. Also not sure, how much my strategy could have been

Cheeseball701 (05/18/2011 01:53am):

Turn the ports in the upper right corner into "bridge" tiles by placing dummy units there,
eliminating the possibility of BH building battleships there.
Darth Hawke (05/23/2011 11:33pm):
Uh, what are Battleships going to do? They can only attack the infantry and it would be a
waste of 28,000 funds.
the_burning_door (07/16/2012 02:46pm):
Isn't my cup of tea, but good/interesting design.
pen (11/22/2012 01:10pm):
Still totally underrated/10
systericon (03/07/2013 02:38pm):
i like it

TDs in warcraft were pure fun
zaaps1 (04/28/2013 02:49pm):
If I may make a suggestion, you should remove the pipes between allied bases, or at least
provide some way of transit between the camps (black tiles perhaps?). This way, when one of
the allied players leaves the game, one of his teammates can capture the leftover neutral
bases/ports and continue the defense that way.
Nyvelion (03/10/2014 10:41am):
If I may also make a suggestion, change all the pipes to forests.
BountyFrog (03/16/2014 11:30am):
But then that would take away the whole tower defense part of it. ;)
Nyvelion (03/16/2014 04:22pm):
matt208 (03/22/2014 09:46pm):
a suggestion=change all the forests to mountains
Derpinstien3D (10/09/2017 07:25pm):
Making a game on your map
Wanna play?
Derpinstien3D (10/10/2017 06:40pm):
You know Black hole could just make indirect units to take out the others troops firing at them
you should change that
79227 (11/13/2018 07:05pm | Edited: 05/05/2019 10:08am):
but they just uses time and money so why bother hitting them make em hit the seam. and maybe they can use it to destroy
troublesome towers that block their way
shen150 (12/03/2019 05:20pm):
I've played a full game of this map as BH. Personally, blocking the team from getting the tower and silos seems like a no
brainier and a few early APCs were able to breach the first line of defense guarding the second set of bases.

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