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Wednesday (Design Map by Milka)
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay

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Rating: 7.62 in 13 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Milka (12/13/2007 01:23pm):
Another boring Wednesday, that's why i called it like it x)
I wanted to make a fun map, not very big, in order to make it fun quickly. Every side is
quite well protected by the mountains. There is a space behind the mountains, which must
be the fight space.
So you should obviously play with fog, otherwise it wouldn't be fun at all.

Ban Megatank, which would be horrible to beat on the bridge. Don't ban Battlecruiser,
otherwise ports would be quite useless.
You must obviously ban the broken 5 : Sensei, Kanbei, Colin, Hachi and Grit, even if
Sensei would be an harmless here.

Good game :)
DuelStriker (12/13/2007 01:25pm):
Switch GS with GE and put the infantry for RF on thier base.
rast2 (12/13/2007 01:56pm):
Today is Thursday, so I gave you 0/10
(kidding, gave it a 5)
- starting with just 1 factory and then gaining the other is awkward and can lead to some
- terrible chokepoint
- no beaches, can't use transports very effectively.
- map of this size would be improved by an airport I think
-seriously that chokepoint is awful, and I like chokepoints

Last Edited on 12/13/2007 02:00pm
DuelStriker (12/13/2007 02:02pm):
You gave the same reason for subtracting one point twice.
rast2 (12/13/2007 02:43pm):
i know, the chokepoint is really really bad
Milka (12/13/2007 04:00pm):
I edited it.
Should i put off the rivers ?
DuelStriker (12/13/2007 04:11pm):
You could put double bridges on them.
Tyrael (12/13/2007 04:35pm):
Or maybe two double bridges. Make the mountain pass two wide as well perhaps?
Milka (12/14/2007 02:27pm):
Better like that ?
DuelStriker (12/15/2007 07:46am):
It looked nicer with the rivers :(
Milka (12/15/2007 09:37am):
Yes but it represent a too big chokepoint..

Edited it : Better ? ^^
Last Edited on 12/15/2007 09:50am
The Shifting Shadows (12/16/2007 09:49am):
Much! 8/10 I'm not sure if the third base and sea port are is really Necessary since you
have an airport.
Milka (12/16/2007 12:06pm):
The port is not really useful, because i don't think that it will be a lot used. But why
not put it ? ^^
And the third base becomes necessary when you have to fight on the bridge. It's quicker to
apply :)
DuelStriker (12/16/2007 12:40pm):
"Edited it : Better ? ^^ "

Yep. :)
Madd Maxx (03/19/2015 03:59pm):
10/10 good job

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