Return Of The Bolt Guard
Creator: Super Striker2 || First Published: 12/15/2007 || Players: 14 || Size: 45x55
Categories: None
Rating: 7.23 in 30 ratings
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Super Striker2 (12/15/2007 10:53pm):
BH=Von Bolt RF=Kindle CI=Koal GS=Jugger.
ace of roses (12/16/2007 07:24am):
DuelStriker (12/16/2007 07:28am):
CI wins because KOAL IS BROKEN.
RedlineM205 (12/16/2007 08:16am):
I thought it was just CI that was broken
DuelStriker (12/16/2007 08:47am):
But CI is Koal, and Koal IS BROKEN.
Super Striker (12/16/2007 01:12pm):
Hopefully this dosen't end up like Javier the real last boss.
C_master (01/29/2008 09:43pm):
Geez Jake would Rule here!
DuelStriker (02/17/2008 02:16pm):
C_master (01/29/2008 09:43pm):
Geez Lash would Rule here!

lazernerd (02/17/2008 02:57pm):
Interesting concept, poorly designed.
Dougem (02/21/2008 10:26pm):
Is this supposed to be a top vs bottom? Would be important to clarify in any matches, as
the bottom would quickly turn into a massive brawl if they didn't team up. See current
game in progress, I'm betting it's gonna happen :P
maq (03/05/2008 10:48pm):
DuelStriker (02/18/2008 12:16am):
C_master (01/29/2008 09:43pm):
Geez Koal would Rule here!


EchelonThree (03/29/2008 06:10am | Edited: 03/29/2008 06:10am):
Just a fun fact: that in an actual game played here, someone actually banned Koal, but not
the b5!
zywxn (04/26/2008 07:43am | Edited: 04/26/2008 07:46am):
This map is very big to allow any fun gameplay and the bridges will be choked as there 3 or
4 lower teams going for each bridge and they will have to cooperate a lot or one person
might screw the whole thing up. Maybe put a few more bridges and give both sides some
cities near the frontline as they will probably use about 1/5 fuel before they even strike and
air units might be the only ones which can manipulate effectively. Good design, 8/10

Also, maybe u should give some strategy advice other than the COs coz there is too many
cities for each team and they will probably focus on battle than capture as the lower teams
only have one base to start with.
*Zap* (07/21/2008 06:48am):
stealths and neos and everything allies are screwed
Moridan_X (02/25/2009 06:34pm):
the top seems rigged, they get too many units at start for free

keep in mind you are limiting the number of funds that the bottom players get because there
is an even amount of cash to be had on the whole map for each side. top people are lucky
cuz they get bigger and better shares.
GameXpert (08/01/2009 12:59pm):
I don't get it. Why for the love of f*ck is Koal broken?
If anything, he's underpowered. This map has way too little roads for Koal to be effective...

Okay, sorry, if that sounded inpolite, but I really wanna know why Koal is considered
broken, or if this is just a general inside joke I am unaware of.
Uthief (08/08/2009 09:27pm | Edited: 08/08/2009 09:27pm):
Koal sukzors so much he is broken ;P
Reylly (10/11/2009 09:28am):
Koal is not broken. he is BORKED!
Maxximus007 (10/19/2009 06:26pm):
How the heck do you start the game
im new ;D
Maxximus007 (10/19/2009 06:28pm):
How the heck do you start the game
im new ;D
darktoothlives (10/24/2009 03:27pm):
nice 8stars

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