The final fantasy
Creator: Heartless rockzorz || First Published: 12/18/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 27x23
Categories: A-Rank, Heavy Naval
Rating: 8.45 in 11 ratings
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sulla (12/18/2007 02:59pm):
Get rid of the rockets. Otherwise its a nice solid B or A ranked map.
Metalic_Dragon (12/23/2007 05:55pm):
There aren't any rockets...
Dhomochevsky (02/10/2008 11:36am):
that must make it a nice solid B or A ranked map then...
Tyrael (02/28/2008 06:42pm):
Invisible rockets/10

Are there supposed to be shoals in the top-left corner around the silo like there are in the
bottom-right? If so, they're invisible too.
Heartless rockzorz (03/01/2008 05:20pm):

Tyreal, alcohol is bad. Stop drinking please.
DuelStriker (03/01/2008 05:30pm):
I luv heartless (03/16/2008 08:43pm):
Bah, they're useless anyway.
Rast (01/22/2009 02:07pm):

how the hell did this make leagues?
DuelStriker (01/26/2009 06:26pm):
Rast fails/10
Rast (02/08/2009 12:53pm):
5k starting income = fta
Mafiasco (05/30/2009 12:59am):
i really like this map

also rockets are a part of the game. dont hate
reubedoassassin (06/10/2009 03:28pm):
I wish this map had at least one lab, so that games on it would be interesting. A pretty good
map, though a tiny bit too ground focused to be perfectly multi-purpose. Some of you guys
seriously need to double check the map before claiming that something is invisible or missing.

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