World War Zombies
Creator: RaizenX || First Published: 12/23/2007 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x36
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Rating: 6.67 in 6 ratings
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RaizenX (12/23/2007 05:29pm):
Well it seems that four unlucky Co's are Earth's last hope to vanquish the 4 zombie
hordes. Will the zombies feast on their brains or will the zombies be routed. Humanity's
last stand is NOW!!!!

Rules Well first off to have great fun have only b-copters and transport so people won't
cheat and have jets block zombie path.the reason i put zombies bases close to the fort was
due to the fact their tanks won't be able to penetrate the fort. to get the battle going.
Best played in fog to add some horror to the battle. I would type more but i don't feel
like it.
Slipstream (12/23/2007 06:19pm):

You sure do like infantry and mechs, don't you?
RaizenX (12/23/2007 06:32pm):
i was trying to go for like 1,000,000 zombies vs a few 1,000 troops
RedlineM206 (12/23/2007 06:52pm):
To go for that real '300' feel, make sure the defenders are Kanbei
ExKirby (05/02/2009 04:07am):
Well, that's most of the players screwed. There's no A-Airs or Recons on the front lines, and
they're best for infy killing.
Slazzy (09/19/2010 02:33pm):
why is it called world war zombies??
Slazzy (09/19/2010 02:34pm | Edited: 09/19/2010 02:34pm):
lol thats a lot of World War Zombies haahaha

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