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Needled 24/7 (Design Map by Ploumeur)
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base

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Rating: 8.50 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
Ploumeur (12/25/2007 01:53pm):
Ban the usual 5, Sami and Sturm. Kindle and Javier are powerful on this map, too.

Now with a better FTA counter. I removed the central lab, useless in the leagues.

Now with an ever better FTA counter. You start one day ahead, so you can capture the
forward base before a recon can attain you.
Last Edited on 10/23/2008 12:24pm
funwes (12/25/2007 08:47pm):
I think it could go without a 4th base (except in indoor)
Ploumeur (12/26/2007 01:20pm):
I wanted to make a map with 4 bases and 1 airport by side. Maybe 23x19 is too small, but
I think I countered a possible infantry spam by adding com towers.
funwes (06/19/2008 08:25pm):
I think it's a solid map. The only other thing is that it seems a bit road heavy to me
Taz (10/18/2008 11:39am):
The map has STA, because both players can recon-rush (2nd turn recon) and stop the forward
base capture, but BM can join his first two infantries on the factory, while OS can't. I
think you could move the BM inf 3 spaces forward and give BM and OS a predeployed infantry
on this factory. You can also put predeployed infantries on the other factories if you
want to keep the same early-game dynamics, minus the recon rush.
I put the map in map committee review, tell me when it's corrected.
Last Edited on 10/18/2008 11:40am
Ploumeur (10/23/2008 11:58am):
Games now begin at day 2, minus 3000 funds. I put the first BM infantry on the "obvious"
way, because you can capture the base before a recon can attain you, and to give a choice
to the BM player.
Taz (10/23/2008 03:03pm):
Great! :)
Erosion010 (02/22/2012 01:48am):
Looks well balanced. Plenty of places to hide in FoW, HQ is far enough forward that you
have to keep an eye on it, but far enough back that its not going to get rushed every
game. There is even a few huge early decisions, such as giving up a bit of ground for the
2nd factory, or pushing out and grabbing the airports before the other player rushes to them.

Love it

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