Build Your Own Battle
Creator: Tyrael || First Published: 01/08/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base
Rating: 6.21 in 19 ratings
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DuelStriker (01/08/2008 08:20pm):
wtf artillery
Tyrael (01/08/2008 08:20pm | Edited: 04/09/2011 03:12pm):
Edit2- Pipeseams and forest removed.

IMPORTANT EDIT- Taz (07/02/2008 11:11am):
Note that the optimal opening is somewhat counter-intuitive: you have to send your first
infantry to the furthest base, otherwise the base can be recon-rushed.

Yay, another 1v1 map. The artilleries guard the airport from enemy capture, or one can
break the pipeseam and go forth to wreak havok. Conversely you can break the pipeseam
yourself to directly attack the artillery on a mountain. Either way you'll probably have
to deal
with the artys to grab the airport. Ban the broken 5 (Colin Grit Hachi Sensei Kanbei), Sami
(don't like her) and maybe kindle. Black bombs as well. Enjoy!
Tyrael (01/08/2008 08:20pm):
Dammit DS, how do you always DO that!?
DuelStriker (01/08/2008 08:27pm):
Tee hee...
TVK (01/08/2008 10:16pm):
It's only an airport, fuck that. =p
Tyrael (01/08/2008 11:07pm | Edited: 01/12/2008 05:31pm):
I wouldn't mind being the only one with an airport.
Tyrael (01/29/2008 11:00pm):
Who's the phantom low voter?
DuelStriker (02/02/2008 05:25pm):
Tyrael (01/29/2008 11:00pm):
Who's the phantom low voter?

Probably sulla

*counter 10*
Taz (07/02/2008 11:11am | Edited: 07/02/2008 11:21am):
Note that the optimal opening is somewhat counter-intuitive: you have to send your first
infantry to the furthest base, otherwise the base can be recon-rushed. Unless you're Sami
of course. But the map is good.
sulla (07/17/2008 03:38am):
This is my first time visting the map. So I am the one who didnt down vote it.
rast2 (08/21/2008 02:50pm):
This map is... not good in fog league. Forest chokepoint = fail. Forest across a river 3
squares from factory = fail.

Harti1990 (08/21/2008 05:13pm):
I agree with rast.

Also, you can barely supply your HQ+base from your other bases/airport.
As the 1 base is against 2 of the opponent's bases, it WILL get overrun sooner or later.

If there are thousands of units spawning my HQ area, you cannot even annihilate them all
by breaking the pipeseams as it is now sort of "3 bases" vs one base plus airport.

All in all, the map is quite cool. But in FOW pure fail.
Mafiasco (09/13/2008 10:18am):
It's completely possible to hold off someone, even with two factories against one. This
map is interesting and really fun to play.
Tyrael (09/15/2008 04:13pm):
Put opening info from Taz into first comment.

This is in FoW league? Wasn't me.
blanci1 (10/02/2008 07:31pm):
rast /hart i am sure you are right in that it could be a bit chaotic, strained, maybe
unstable .... but is it unfair? OK, i wouldnt want ONLY this kind of mixed up map ... but to
have just one or two in the fog league i see no prob ... ive been playin some mixed up maps
recently and well if i cant hold someone off , i just do it for as long as possible causing the
maximum inconvenience to opponent while pushing hard on other front so he cant spend his
money wherever he wants... whatever he can do i can always try to do it before and
better. But anyway its good to be prewarned about possible dangers here at least IMO.
Ultra Storm (11/13/2008 11:44am | Edited: 11/13/2008 11:55am):
How did you all miss the fact that certain COs like Lash and Grimm can break the pipe
seam on day 2? Then their artillery will sit on the city by the initial base on day 2 and cover
the base. The artillery can also interfere with the capture of the further neutral base if
wanted to, which causes further recon ridiculousness. And to add the nail into the coffin of
the map, OS can afford both a recon and an infantry on day 3 but on the corresponding turn,
BM can only afford a recon on day 2.

Ironically, the artillery escaping on day 2 means you must send the first infantry to the nearer
base, contrary to what people have suggested here.
benbever (01/11/2009 12:15am):
Why is this still in the leagues??
blanci1 (01/11/2009 05:52pm | Edited: 01/11/2009 05:53pm):
Yeah its a pity most of the leagues work in basically the same way. If CO bans could be
implemented on a map by map basis, then the offending COs could be banned as one would
do in public games, prob fixed.
AH !............. This map could be moved into the NO-CO powers league !! ?
Tyrael (01/11/2009 06:17pm):
I will make the pipeseams normal pipes and change the forest as soon as there aren't any
more games, which will be never as long as it's in league. And yeah, this sucks in FoW, but
I don't play that so make your own damn FoW map ya fogheads! :P
Mafiasco (12/23/2009 03:24am):
Lol I am playing this map in FOW now

oh shit its gonna be hard o.O
Tyrael (04/09/2011 03:12pm):
Pipeseams and forest removed.

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