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Puddle Death 2 (Design Map by SmackCakes2)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 7.67 in 12 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
nerd-boy (01/14/2008 04:18pm):
Very Zen.

Reminds me of a Yin-Yang.
SmackCakes2 (01/14/2008 04:30pm):
This time with more puddles and death :)
DuelStriker (01/14/2008 04:54pm):
I think the original is better...
benbever (07/07/2008 12:32am):
Where's the death? I can see the puddles.
Harti1990 (03/02/2009 06:51am):
Moving Carriers on day 1 = Death
Roboto Mojado Serpiente (06/02/2009 01:40am):
The carrier is a horrible idea. Remove it now.
SmackCakes (06/02/2009 01:41am):
You love it!
Falconewing (06/15/2009 06:46pm):
Ian301095 (07/14/2009 11:11pm):
stop a ranking your maps!!!!!! AND CAKES TASTE LIKE SHITTTTTTTT(goes on swearing in anger)
Falconewing (09/24/2009 09:34pm):
but the map is pretty good..A-rank worth.
Small Geezer (12/03/2010 03:58am):
9/10 - can't see much wrong with this other than the amount of plains bug me for some
completely subjective reason and make me think Jake might be quite strong..?
Cereal Killer (02/16/2011 01:04am):
(12:36:25 AM) Glensy: rate the map a 1.
Can't argue with that logic can you?

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