~Robocop~ Posibilities
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 01/18/2008 || Players: 8 || Size: 35x35
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 7.64 in 14 ratings
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IchigoKurosaki (04/07/2008 04:50pm):
What are the teams?
Falconewing (08/28/2009 11:20pm):
assymetrical reefs, remove all infantries
CompleteDuck (09/26/2009 02:25pm):
it would seam, that by the time someone would capture the lab, they would already have the
advantage before that.... Someone please enlighten....
pedason (09/26/2009 04:38pm):
wat do i do?

Tyrantboy (02/04/2011 02:54pm):
kill yourself
Kruegster (02/04/2011 05:09pm):
If this is FFA, then a bunch of the players have a FTA. With 3 infantry vs 3 infantry who
wins? A: The player who goes first. One way to fix this is to delete most of the infantry.
Give the player who is going 2nd in each of the four corners 1 infantry on their best base,
and don't give the other four players any infantry.
yarrager (02/05/2011 05:56pm):

Robocop (02/21/2011 07:32pm | Edited: 02/21/2011 07:32pm):
its a taem 2v2v2v2
and you know i always value you opinion but i put the infantries there to speed things up
iv played this map a few times and it was always a pleasure
Nyvelion (12/17/2012 10:22am):
Wow. Some random guy coming and asking what to do. And someone advising "Kill yourself".
Map comments are often better than maps...
mrbananas8 (04/17/2015 04:18pm):
If you swapped BM with TG and then you swapped GE with JS would this eliminate FTA? Each
team would have FTA against the next team clockwise to them. Each team would also be
disadvantaged against the next team counterclockwise, thus balancing it out.
PABCOM (01/27/2020 12:57am):
Can someone tell me when will we ready?
berkuhlee (05/15/2020 10:49pm):
an example day22 gamestate: https://i.imgur.com/6w8X4Nw.png

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