The Milky Way
Creator: Ploumeur || First Published: 01/24/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 31x23
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.63 in 16 ratings
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Ploumeur (01/24/2008 05:43pm):
Ban the usual five. Sami and Sturm are powerful there, too.
DuelStriker (01/24/2008 09:06pm):

Cool looking map, it feels like there's not enough cities, even though there are alot though.
rast2 (02/14/2008 07:22pm):
extra HQs = extra income = FTA
cool looking though
Ploumeur (02/15/2008 07:23pm):
Extra HQs is the criteria #1 of the Design Map Contest. One infantry is not enough to
compensate the FTA, I'll look what to do.
rast2 (02/16/2008 08:59pm):
Even aside from the recon rush, a single infantry does not make up for the other side getting
first shot at $5000.
Does the contest require three HQs or would two be sufficient?
Harti1990 (05/13/2008 06:03am):
Could use some more shoals.
Meta Rexy (11/19/2008 10:06pm):
If possible get rid of that third HQ not protected by a base.... it's only going to cause
problems and end games sooner...
Ploumeur (12/13/2008 07:45pm):
I put a new FTA counter to solve all the problems. You start with 3 bases, so there isn't
anymore recon rushes or early HQ capture.

I've calculated that the 2 TG's extra infantry counters PC's funds advantage.
airob (04/08/2009 08:29pm):
i really got to like this map a lot 9/10
Falconewing (07/20/2009 11:33pm):
TG has STAovercenter/10
eriora (07/26/2009 06:50am):
good 9/10
airob (08/04/2009 12:58am):
one extra infantry gives fund advanatge on turn 2 while the other on turn 3, i think its a
perfect fta counter balance
Falconewing (09/29/2009 08:29pm):
2 infantrries for TG would do it, with PC with none..idc lol
blackfire261 (11/03/2009 01:40pm | Edited: 11/03/2009 01:42pm):
can you even play the maps? cause whats the use of joining a map if you cant play it?
CompleteDuck (11/15/2009 01:52pm):
Yes you can play it. When its your turn you click on the unit, slick on move, and click
the square you want it to move to. AT that square you can choose by clicking it again if
you want to capture something, or attack another unit.

To get in a game, you can go to the Waiting (Public/Private) menu and go to one game, and
find where it says "Join Game"
abyprincess (05/03/2011 08:34pm):

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