Circular Logic
Creator: nerd-boy || First Published: 01/27/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x21
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.38 in 13 ratings
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nerd-boy (01/27/2008 04:40pm):
Another 2 player skirmish, this time between BM and YC. The neutral bases are fairly close
to the other player's base, but the mountain and the lack of bridge on the river make the
area much more easily defendable. The mountain range in the center forces players to go
around the HQ areas, although it's possible for infantry to pass through, and for
indirects to hide and snipe people.

Bans: normal five, Sturm.

Concerns: overfunded, too difficult to assault HQ area (ie, should I get rid of the
mountain directly south of BM's HQ/directly north of YC's?).

Tyrael (01/27/2008 11:34pm | Edited: 01/27/2008 11:35pm):
I think you should take out said moutains, it could go on awhile with everything being so
defensive, especially with the sniper nests right next to the HQs. The snipe points in the
center are way overboard, especially with the ones along the N/S sides of the map being
there as well. The map seems chokepointy without the chokepoints, know what I mean?

And no, I will NOT enjoy and you can't make me. >:O

PS- the river tile right next to the N/S bases is ugly.
nerd-boy (01/28/2008 03:10pm):
Hm...I see your point about the mountains, and have removed them.

The idea was to have chokepoints, but also have a LOT of them, and with pressure on the
HQ, games should be interesting.

Also: Enjoy or die >:C
Shini Laser (02/02/2008 12:41pm):
It is pretty good. Bottom left vs top right. Both the Com Towers are contestable, a good
thing. Only thing I would say is remove the most center 6 mountains, or at least the two
between the forests. Yeah, it makes another chokepoint between HQs, but it is more
interesting during FoW
ChurKirby (03/20/2008 04:31pm):
I bet you don't even know what a chokepoint is. >_>
ChurKirby (03/24/2008 09:41am):
I'm not particularly a friend of nerd-boy. But your just being ridiculous and rating all
these maps a 1 without any logical reasoning, therefore you're stupid.
DuelStriker (03/30/2008 04:05pm | Edited: 07/15/2009 04:12pm):
Comment edited since Ichigo deleted his stupid comments.
Bid2782 (04/07/2008 08:58pm):
i play to have fun, no fun too have on this map
themapmaker (06/23/2008 04:22pm):
Nice map! I really like the HQ's closer to the middle
DuelStriker (07/17/2009 12:03pm):
I dislike the airport locations, they seem too close to the front lines on this map. Other than
that though, this map is fun. I don't think you need to be concerned about it being
overfunded, there seems to be just enough for the 3 bases + 1 airport per side.
pen (05/05/2020 04:47am):
What's an airport?

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