Flower Island 24(T)
Creator: bamiyan || First Published: 01/28/2008 || Players: 8 || Size: 24x24
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 8.03 in 32 ratings
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bamiyan (01/28/2008 03:07am | Edited: 01/28/2008 03:07am):
Orange and Brown
Blue and Dark Black
Green and Red
Yellow and Black team game!!
cabton (01/28/2008 10:00pm):
Good job!!
Tyrael (01/29/2008 11:04am):
brigz (03/22/2008 11:34am):
cant play help!
DuelStriker (04/17/2008 07:54am):
Awesome map.
maq (04/17/2008 11:11am):
Hidden Swastikas!!!1OMG OUTRAGED
Falconewing (05/18/2009 08:47pm):
Very nice. I like the conecpt where one player in the team gets the lab whereas the other
doesn't and advances with random units.
johnny shen (05/20/2009 03:41am):
How to play
Balla (05/28/2009 07:56pm):
flowers, its so cute
Madd Maxx (06/18/2012 03:30pm):
Im agianst labs but otherwise I love the map 9/10. 10/10 if you put sea around the island with
Roareye (07/01/2014 01:34am):
Nyvelion (12/16/2014 05:25pm):
Not FTA, I think this is meant to be a team game.
But if not then FTA.
hanxu233 (10/24/2016 07:24am):
Is there anyone to start playing?
hanxu233 (10/24/2016 07:24am):
Is there anyone to start playing?
hanxu233 (10/24/2016 07:27am):
Is there anyone to start playing?

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