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The Span Map (Design Map by bamiyan)
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Rating: 6.35 in 17 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
DuelStriker (01/29/2008 05:54pm):
Last Edited on 01/29/2008 05:56pm
DuelStriker (01/29/2008 05:55pm):
FTA should be fixed by giving a pre-owned city to BM near their starting base
Nyvelion (05/14/2012 12:30pm):
It's Span... but is it an island?
巴巴多斯岛的猫 (08/17/2016 12:02am):
Now is 2016, this game how long the game
Nyvelion (10/07/2016 05:26pm):
Yes, it is 2016, yet that was hardly a sentence.
CCCP (11/15/2016 11:38pm):
Now is 2016, I now see how long the game
Rockoe10 (04/16/2018 01:59am):
Bland, only one front and become a very indirect fight with
footsoldiers hiking all over the mountains. We did have a few good
EARLY fights (opponent was Max, so he kinda had to) but it stalled
out until his forces couldn't take any more arty.

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