San-guo-zhi +α(sangokushi)
Creator: bamiyan || First Published: 01/31/2008 || Players: 4 || Size: 36x36
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.57 in 42 ratings
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bamiyan (01/31/2008 01:19am):
Historical map.However I dont guarantee the quality....
stargate1995 (03/06/2008 03:34am):
how do i play

BandoIruka (03/31/2008 07:11pm):
much cities?
IchigoKurosaki (04/02/2008 03:29pm):
What's it historical from?
lordliam (04/21/2008 07:59pm):
three kingdoms period in china, but theres 4 countires, too many cities, bad balance in terms
of placing, and some of the bases are too spread out but i'ts still ok, i wouldn't play on it, but i
would look at it for inspiration
zywxn (04/28/2008 04:35am):
SandSkin (05/11/2008 12:34pm):
This must be Liu Bei,Cao Cao, and Sun Ce. With the likes of Yuan Shao. Cao Cao controled
the Central Plains and his color was blue so BM needs to start in the middle. Sun Ce
controlled The South East and his color was red so OS needs the South Eastern Lands. Liu
Bei needs the lands of Cheng Du which is the south western lands and his Green
territories. Yuan Show however controlled the northern border and his color was Yellow.
Now if you want to go to turn things a little even you could add Meng Huo's army as Brown
Desert in the bottom left hand corner and you can add Liu Biao as Teal Galaxy in the
southern center of the map. Making the three fight for land and not just be able to obtain
it for free. Pretty good map of China 8/10.
KefkaPalazzo (06/02/2008 05:13pm):
How can I adapt this to the 30x30 limit on Days of Ruin?
SmileKZS (08/14/2008 08:41pm):
Nice property spread.
I wonder if big maps really need FTA counter now...
Wizgot (12/12/2008 08:30am):
Spread out bases are good. They allow for better defense of a large territory and not just
the defense of one small clustered part. Way too many cities though.
1.....2.....3,4,5,6,7.....................too many.

hhw60 (01/11/2009 05:24am):

hhw60 (01/11/2009 05:24am):
airob (01/11/2009 05:45pm):
good..but too many cities
Jolt (02/24/2009 12:49pm):
Taiwan was never a part of the Three Kingdoms. >_> Nor of Han nor of Jin. It was called
"Barbarian Island" for that reason.
gaoshihao (03/13/2009 11:05pm):
Mael (06/12/2009 03:20pm | Edited: 06/12/2009 03:20pm):
i think that have a FTA to GE, GE only need to charge without care about defense..however
its a good map to play 7/10.
pen (09/06/2011 08:42pm):
Sometimes I lay on the floor and pretend I'm a carrot.....
RoyalSunset (01/04/2012 07:45pm):
my head

Blackiey (03/17/2012 02:13am):
@Jolt, The Chinese think they are everything. Taiwan wasn't even discovered back than.
Blackiey (12/19/2012 06:17pm):
One thing dude, Taiwan wasn't discovered at that time.
so GE having base over there is irreverent.
Nyvelion (12/28/2012 12:14pm):
This doesn't remind me of ROTK at all!
Madd Maxx (05/11/2013 04:49pm):
Jason_B (10/20/2014 05:33pm):
Games on this map would go faster if more cities started out with owners. The only cities that should not start with
owners are the ones that could be contested in the middle. I would also reduce the overall number of cities on the
eetmd (12/26/2014 01:14pm):
knocklok (06/21/2018 08:26am):
taiwan was not exploded at that time, also OS and BD should be the same influence. plus, why BD had
a base that belongs to 蜀.

P.S. got 90+ in chinese history
Autistoesky (11/25/2018 12:19am):
ima be real with you chief, I got no idea how to play

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