~Robocop~ Duel Strikerz
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 02/07/2008 || Players: 4 || Size: 32x32
Categories: None
Rating: 8.67 in 15 ratings
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Robocop (02/07/2008 01:37am | Edited: 02/07/2008 01:38am):
tried to balance fta and make both ffa and team game. i know one big chokepoint. well
hopefully the air and sea access will speed up the push.
plz post suggestions
Robocop (02/07/2008 02:15am):
wow 10/10 a little much dont you think
Tyrael (02/07/2008 11:14am):
Why the pipeseams? They just needlessly slow down the game. GS and JS can go around
them quicker than the other countries though- intentional? I think team is best here,
otherwise lolfta. I know you acknolegded it, but choooke! :P
DuelStriker (02/07/2008 03:26pm):
Hey, thanks for naming a map after me ^_^
airob (01/07/2009 10:13pm):
hey i like this one good work
Falconewing (06/29/2009 10:35am):
Stop puting ur name on ur maps. Durned fool that Grit is. Got himself broken!

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