Spain & Portugal
Creator: Guerrero_aguila || First Published: 02/13/2008 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
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Rating: 8.71 in 7 ratings
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Guerrero_aguila (02/13/2008 10:41am | Edited: 02/13/2008 10:42am):
8 players
40 Cities
5 ports
4 airports

I tried to balance each side depending on their color

OS: Madrid, but few cities begins on the first
WB: Lisbon, and more port cities OS
GE: Basque Country, towns closer
YC: Catalonia, cities much closer
BH: Seville, port and nearby cities
RF: Galicia, and several cities near port
7 th: Valencia, and many port cities near
8 th: Almeria, and many port cities near

An airport every two sides, 3 days to get to the airport, the second side of every two has a
small advantage.

Ebro river.
SideEffect (02/13/2008 08:10pm):
OS will get crushed
Nyvelion (02/14/2008 10:47am):
Yeah, OS is definitely at a disadvantage without access to a port, they'll be crushed.
Tyrael (02/14/2008 02:02pm):
^ AND they're in the dead center!
sulla (04/05/2008 09:08am):
orange star needs at least a extra factory.
Nyvelion (03/23/2014 08:24am):
Oh, he actually added a base for OS to capture.
BountyFrog (03/25/2014 06:42pm):
You should move a player to africa.
Joly (03/12/2021 11:04am):
Really enjoying the pointless road to France

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