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Categories: Base Light, Casual Play, Teleport Tile

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Rating: 6.25 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
FunkyChunk (05/08/2008 12:47am):
Minor remake of the original.


Notice the absence of the central pipeseam.
I also changed a few other miscellaneous details.

Edit: New version!
Last Edited on 07/22/2010 07:59am
Ducky (05/08/2008 02:16pm):
It took a lot of flips back and forth to notice the changes.
DuelStriker (05/08/2008 03:27pm):
Interesting remake. I liked the other one, and this one is awesome too.
DarkCheetah (06/07/2008 04:25pm):
how do this map works?
themapmaker (07/01/2008 02:20pm):
This map works using black tiles that cost 0 MP. You can move it anywhere touching a
black tile but you can't move it on a black tile. If you break open the pipe seam you can
deploy units in the middle faster.
lindsay40k (11/09/2008 05:34pm):
Black tiles have a glitch which let you 'jump' a unit onto he top left square. This means AB can drop a unit there,
and next turn have it attack PL's factories or come on anywhere along PL's edge. The top left tile needs to be
isolated to stop this happening.
mrapex (11/10/2008 11:32pm):
you cant jump a unit there, you think you can but its like "omgz no letz you!"
lindsay40k (11/15/2008 10:47pm):
Seems a little stalematey... 17K a side and two factories seems to be leading to indirect standoffs. This makes
Jake extremely powerful, especially with all the plains - in fact, I'd say he's broken on this map.

Suggestion: replace a central property with an Airport, and also have tow PD Missile units so it's locked down
by default, with a successful raid on the enemy Missile unlocking the Airport for the lucky player that grabs it
(and thereby breaking the standoff)?
Creepy Crawly (11/17/2008 09:47am):
See if he does that then it will just be a rush for the airport which although might work,
makes the less fortunate player stand no chance.

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