High Skies
Creator: lazernerd || First Published: 02/16/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x15
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 9.00 in 13 ratings
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lazernerd (02/16/2008 07:42pm):
I decided to make a map with some air/land combination since most of mine don't have a
good use for air units.
Shadow Star (02/16/2008 08:25pm):
it's, interesting, the shoal bridges span an interesting gap since there is a distinguishingly
large section where you can't shoal-walk.
22 property per side, enough to justify two airports, and two bases, or three bases. The
forward base for combat is an interesting format on this map as there are more then the
direct and indirect route.
FTA is countered accurately. (always aim for the neutral base unless it's within reachable
distance right away)
I'm a little concerned about artillary spamming on this map as there are a number of routes to
take, and on 22 funds that leaves 10000 for a base, and two airports.
I an enjoying that the central three islands connect together along with connecting to the
mainlands. it's been done before, but most of the time shoal bridges tend to create rather
ugly chokepoints, yours, does not.
8, maybe nine.
Watchful_Eye (04/08/2009 08:42pm):
Im just playing on this map, and its a lot of fun :) 9 Points
airob (09/10/2009 08:34pm):
the neutral bases are recon rushable by OS though
Harti (05/23/2010 04:48pm | Edited: 05/31/2010 04:43am):
Those Recon issues make me question this map's A-Rank-worthiness.
walkerboh01 (07/31/2010 12:55am | Edited: 07/31/2010 12:55am):
Eh Harti and I played a game on this map where he recon-rushed me as OS, and I still ended up winning. It really
didn't make much of a difference in the game, since BM can counter with an early recon rush of their own... I think
this is an awesome map by the way.
airob (08/14/2010 02:15pm):
it does matter. the circumstances in which an inf should capture itīs base must not have
any other requirements (ie. a recon rush of itīs own as you implied) it should be a clean
capture, wheter you still have won that game might have been uninterest in keeping with
it, screwing up, or he simply didīt play seriously.

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