Creator: funwes || First Published: 02/19/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x13
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame, Base Light
Rating: 6.49 in 37 ratings
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funwes (02/19/2008 03:42pm | Edited: 02/19/2008 04:05pm):
tmassing (02/19/2008 04:04pm):
With a few touches I think it could look a lot better...example: two bridges with one end
connected to only one road and the other end is plains...roads just going to a mountain in
the middle of nowhere.
Put beuty aside I think this could be a pretty fun map. If I had the choice I would
connect the lake and put some seaports in there ... but that would really change things.
not a bad map!
funwes (02/19/2008 04:05pm):
Seaports on this map? Are you stupid?
nerd-boy (02/19/2008 04:09pm | Edited: 02/19/2008 04:10pm):
tmassing, you do realize that if he connected the two lakes and added seaports the map
would lose an entire front.

Which is bad.

Also I'm not entirely sure you need air here. Could be decent as a choke breaker, but I'm
not sure I'd see a distinct advantage to making a B-copter over two tanks or whatever.

Also FTA counter's on the wrong base.
funwes (02/19/2008 04:11pm):
Yeah, I was a little worried about putting air on this map. I suppose a little playtesting
may be in order
Shadow Star (02/19/2008 04:14pm | Edited: 02/19/2008 04:15pm):
symmetrical. (well, not along any specific gradient line, and ignoring the pipe directions, but
I like it. some of the chokeyness in the middle due to the mountains is a little annoying, but
since there,s a base by both sides of the bridges, it's not a gigantic issue.
Most of the map issues were jsut stated.
maybe a few more road tiles, (not too many though, possibly just four per side or something,
nothing large)
it looks enjoyable, not too long of a game, decent startup speed,potential to be over very
quickly, or very slowly.
useful resources for almost all units buildable. (there are some exceptions that are just given
Infantry is on the wrong one, but it's been mentioned, air is a nice thing though, not too mcuh
funds, bot not too little to hurt the flow of the game.
DuelStriker (02/19/2008 04:16pm):
funwes (02/19/2008 04:18pm):
Shadow, may I ask your opinion of air support here?
Shadow Star (02/19/2008 04:28pm | Edited: 02/19/2008 04:35pm):
You may. at 18000 funds per turn, (averaged on an even divide, which is unlikely for any
given game) Players would be given the choice of two tanks with 4000 left over, a
battlecopter a tank and a infantry with 1000 left over. a battlecopter a artillery and a mech.
The battlecopter option is a good choice. even though a AA costs less and should be able to
waste it without any worries at all with the terrain (and the fact that it's, an AA)
Battlecopters and T copters increase the overall strategic choices on this map. (while
anything larger is going to slow the tempo down. Alternatively, a mixture of Tanks, AA,
Artillery, mechs, and Infantry would be suitable to beating back almost any forces that the
enemy throws at you.
battlecopters are a good addition, but not needed...
that means the airport is a good thing.
Tyrael (02/26/2008 11:37pm):
I agree with the above post. There's a pipe turned the wrong way in the upperleft corner.
Maybe roads on the middle front, or would that give rockets too much influence over that
area? It does look a little plain for some reason, but that doesn't mean it looks bad, it still
looks fine and doesn't detract from playability. 10.

funwes (03/24/2008 07:41pm):
Testing looks good so far, with choppers seeming to be the way to go. Anti-airs are
getting some usefulness as well.
Nubelch (11/18/2009 09:19pm):
Air is a good addition here I think. And I certainly did enjoy playing this map. :)
Red11 (01/15/2010 11:46am):

As Patton said 'War is the firstest with the mostest.'
funwes (02/09/2010 12:13am):
I still can't get over the fact that this is A-ranked, considering what else I've made *cough*
ichbinsehselber (12/27/2010 10:23am):
The airport is protected from easy direct access by enemy AA. Due to reasons given by
Shadow Star:
A rating of 10 from me while playing the second game on this map.

funwes (08/22/2011 09:43pm):
MC Hammer (08/23/2011 02:06pm | Edited: 08/23/2011 02:06pm):
blanci1 (08/26/2011 04:17am | Edited: 08/26/2011 04:29am):
i very much like maps which give a choice of going backward as well as forward...
possibly important gamechoices right from the start ... much better than simply boringly
pushing infantry forwards all the time in capture phase.
And also 2 bases is great as stops too much inf spam and encourages more tech up.

((The frontline is a bit comparatively small due to narrow map, but it is a perfectly
valid battle scenario and we need to practice battle in all conditions... but for a new
version on this theme, might be very dynamic to make a vertically fatter version with
perhaps some variety of stuff down center))
ichbinsehselber (08/27/2011 06:20am):
after the airport was moved backwards adapting the rating to (9/10)
blanci1 (08/28/2011 05:01pm | Edited: 08/28/2011 05:03pm):
Yeah, having that airbase in that comparatively forward protected position surrounded by
lake and river was an original feature..... and moving it back is now more like a
standard map, still looks good though.
There is discussion on this in design map forum.
funwes (08/28/2011 07:07pm):
Looking at the discussion on the design map forum, I've pretty much got one thing to say
to everyone:

Chill the fuck out, the moved airport will be tested to see if its balanced. Jesus Christ
Walker (Z) (09/09/2011 01:31pm):
I'm pretty sure the edit has improved the map considerably, judging from replays and current
games I've seen.
Headphone (10/09/2011 11:07pm):
TheMute (01/23/2012 05:40am):
I like how the cities are not a distance divisible by 3 away from the bases, making for
some interesting decisions.
SHS_Kirby (09/12/2012 09:39pm):
I love the map! My clan is currently using it for the Final Round of our AWBW Tournament!
Mori2 (09/20/2012 07:25pm):
It is a pretty awesome map.
Mori2 (02/05/2013 11:24pm):
Nah, I saw it when I saw headphone's comment, whenever that was.
MC Hammer (01/12/2015 02:29am):
"Shadow Star (02/19/2008 08:14pm):
symmetrical. (well, not along any specific gradient line, and ignoring the pipe directions, but
symmetrical) "

Pretty sure he noticed it first.

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