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Anathema (Design Map by JoeVector)
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Rating: 7.19 in 27 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
JoeVector (02/21/2008 11:02pm):
Before anyone asks, no, I didn't take the time to actually balance each country perfectly, but
on the whole FOW+diplomacy should fix this and make things interesting.
Really, diplomacy is important, knowing who not to mess with during the initial stages of the
game should play a decisive factor here.

This map was inspired by "First Conflict", a scenario for Age of Wonders, a very nice turn-
based fantasy-themed strategy game.

Keeping the fantasy in mind here's something plotesque:
After centuries of peace, a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions has swept through the
lands. Natural disasters have taken their toll on the previously coexisting populations.
Nearing the verge of extinction, each country now fights for the survival of their people.

-GE are the elves, who used to live in peace deep within the dense northern forests.
-BH are a race of submarine creatures. They have controlled the seas from time immemorial
and built a magnificient marine palace thanks to the wealth countless ships took to the bottom
of the ocean with them.
-AB are a small tribe of warriors and hunters who never had much contact with other
-BD, previously wandering nomads, have settled on the ruins of a once thriving trade route
hoping to find something valuable among the rests of the cities located there.
-JS was a once mighty kingdom yet it wasn't strong enough to withstand the trials of nature.
The decisions of their new leader in this conflict will be decisive for their future.
-TG is a small community of reptilian beings who have been forced to load their fishing ships
with weapons and leave their isolated island.
-PL is a country of wizards and enchanters. They have turned their wisdom to more brutal
purposes and are known for having built a magical tower which grants greater vigor and
strength to its owner.

The piped off airport is the lair of fearsome winged monsters that were magically sealed in
the past.

The map is intended to be FFA, but using teams might be quite interesting as well.

And that's all I have to say about that. Having fun is mandatory.
Last Edited on 02/21/2008 11:15pm
Hydralisk24 (02/21/2008 11:59pm):
Cool looking map. Bout 7-8ish/10 map IMO ( mainly cause the balance issues... pretty
obvious ) Nice to see asymmetry though! I doubt the diplo would work unless you had some
at least semi-serious players... and trusting can be an issue :P Other than that though,
demonhands (02/22/2008 12:35am):
joe, you;ve done something really cool and imaginative here, I love it and it looks like a
whole lotta fun, 9/10
Red11 (02/22/2008 03:15am):

Love it, great map!
DuelStriker (02/22/2008 07:53am):
Epic map/10
Heartless rockzorz (02/22/2008 08:02pm):
Make a sequel called Newt.

Seriously, though, it's very urban heavy. Seriously. Even I, who is known to make very
Kindly maps, think it's too much.
Last Edited on 02/22/2008 08:02pm
EchelonThree (05/06/2008 07:19am):
So we can just ban kindle.
nirial1991 (06/03/2008 06:11am):
Obviously BH will be mobbed with diplomacy. It's almost unfair that TG gets to develop
relatively undisturbed. Also, whomever comes out the victor in the east will have enough
power to cream everyone on the map. Yes i know you didn't balance the map, but it still
ranks low on fun factor and on fairness. 6/10 Kudos for its epic feel, that saves it.
Darth Hawke (07/12/2009 10:17pm):
Even though BH is going to be destroyed early, BH gets double the funds compared to the
other allies. If the player plans correctly, he/she can have more funds than the rest in
week 2 (Day 14) because of its position and properties. Good map, but BH is going to die
first unless he/she can convince others to not attack him/her. 8/10
Falconewing (07/15/2009 09:15pm):
Don't trust Khdou!He betrays in truces.
PS-Tg has an advantage because they can easily spam indirects and protect their
stronghold forever and ever.
Windwavern (01/20/2011 08:03pm):
I agree with Darth Hawke unless BH is Lash who can hold her own against anyone but
Kindle on those empty silos. If those beaches were gone BH may have a chance at a navel
battle. Also the BD is like TG for a short while unless BH isn't busy with other attackers.
They can get plenty of cities if left unchecked.
pen (10/28/2011 04:01pm):
Actually, Kindle doesn't get a boost on silos.
Lightningz (09/24/2014 06:16am):
No-one even commented on PL having only tower lol! Fantastic map though! 10!
Meta Rexy (01/06/2015 04:07am):
Though this map is gigantic, it is actually full of chokepoints. I think reducing the
number of mountains and increasing the number of openings for units to enter would help
make this map more dynamic, because as it stands, PL, BD, GE, and AB only have like one
major front to focus on. TG and BH are severely disadvantaged due to the lack of attack
angles on this map and must rely on truces to stay alive.
Not only that, but there's only one airport, and whoever builds stealths first wins. They
must be banned.
Edit: AB, BH, and JS badly need more bases.
BH is FORCED to use diplomacy to survive. That's not good because a map should not FORCE alliances to ensure survival. It should be an option but NOT a necessity.
AB needs a more direct route to the neutral base between him and Brown. Also his two bases should be connected at the very least to allow units to switch fronts easily like all the other players...
JS needs a fourth base to deal with GE, BH, AND PL...
GE should not be separated from TG by those rivers. It gives TG and GE way too much security and forces naval combat and infantry spam.
Why does PL alone get a comm tower?

Serious balance issues, I know you weren't trying to make this perfect but it's not so fun when some players are crippled by their disadvantages and heavily skews the dynamics of games on this map.
Last Edited on 03/09/2015 12:32am
Darth Hawke (02/09/2015 12:17am):
Actually, by looking at this map in another angle, Black Hole has quite an interesting position. Black Hole is very
close to Green Earth, Jade Sun, and Amber Blaze, but at the same time, each of those countries has a bigger
rival to deal with. Green Earth is close to Teal Galax, Jade Sun is squished between Green Earth and Purple
Lightning, and Amber Blaze has to prevent Brown Desert from growing very big. While Black Hole is in a bad
position by being in the middle, the player can use it to their advantage by having a greater chance to create an
alliance with another player.

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