Allegro forte
Creator: Heartless rockzorz || First Published: 02/22/2008 || Players: 6 || Size: 27x22
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play
Rating: 5.50 in 2 ratings
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Heartless rockzorz (02/22/2008 08:54pm | Edited: 02/22/2008 09:03pm):
OS/AB/PL vs the other guys I'm too lazy to attempt to remember the name.
blackmoocow (02/22/2008 08:56pm):
how bout give purple its own bases? lol
blackmoocow (02/22/2008 08:58pm | Edited: 02/22/2008 08:58pm):
double post, whoops
Heartless rockzorz (02/22/2008 09:02pm):
Damn, I knew it.
nerd-boy (02/22/2008 09:06pm):
Shouldn't you give CI an infantry too.

Cuz you gave one to PL, the last to go on the left.
Heartless rockzorz (02/22/2008 09:14pm):
Because order is OS (1) -> BM (2) -> BH (2) -> AB (1, FTA is properly countered so far) ->
CI (2) -> PL (1) So it works out.
nerd-boy (02/22/2008 09:16pm):
122121, hm?

I think if you did 122211 you wouldn't need that extra infantry there.
Heartless rockzorz (02/22/2008 09:18pm):
Nay, I find it easier like this. Dunno why, don't ask me. Anyway, FTA is countered, the map is
pretty, mistakes I probably did aren't obvious. I am satisfied.
notsofunwes (02/24/2008 08:12pm):
Fast and loud, eh?

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