Fly High Above The Clouds
Creator: DualStriker || First Published: 03/09/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x25
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
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DualStriker (03/09/2008 06:03pm):
I decided to make an epic-styled map.
CO bans: broken 5, Kindle, Sasha, Sturm.
Optional: Javier, Sami, Lash
Unit bans: Black bombs

wtf silo platforms
Hydralisk24 (03/09/2008 07:11pm):
ooo Nice/10 4 bases though hm... :P But I guess that is what makes it epic. Anyways about
those pipeseams, they seem ( haha pun intended ) a bit useless... Now if you removed those
mtns. that are in the same row as the neutral base, then it could be opened up as another
way to move your units in ( just a suggestion ) Although that seems ( mawhaha pun ) to be
a nice way to make a "bridge" across over a river ( future map idea! would love to see
that added in someones next awesome map ;) ) Anyways, thats all i got once again nice map.
nerd-boy (03/09/2008 07:44pm):
Looks pretty nice. At first glance everything seems nice.

I agree with Hydralisk about clearing up those mountains in the same row as the neutral
base by the HQ. It makes the side fronts less two bases vs. one base, one far away base,
and one airport.

Also I'd suggest placing the towers in slightly more contestable grounds.

obligatory wtf silo platforms.
Hydralisk24 (03/09/2008 08:58pm):
Picking up from what nerd-boy added to the twrs, One row up from the mentioned mtns from
before ( The south part of the symmetry ) going across it you run into that factory. Now
simply follow the road to that city( The one where the road ends going North/South ). Nice
little spot for the tower. Little bit in center but it is in a contested area ( Once
again, just an idea tossing out there for ya :P )
DualStriker (03/10/2008 06:16pm):
Alright, fixed it a bit. And I dunno if that's where you meant Hydralisk (I moved the comm
Dhomochevsky (07/15/2008 06:19pm):
wtf silo platforms

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