A.P.C. Factory
Creator: SmackCakes2 || First Published: 03/21/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x17
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 8.22 in 9 ratings
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SmackCakes2 (03/21/2008 12:47am):
I have been wanting to do this for a while. I like APCs, they are fun for getting in the way and
zooming infantry and mechs around, but you hardly ever see more than one or two in
regular games.

This map changes all that. Here is... more APCs then you can handle! :D The idea is to go
rescue them before your opponent destroys them all to get to the base. Then you can
unleash them to cause devastatingly harmless mayhem , until your opponent screams...

>< "Godfuckingdammit!!! Where are all these APCs coming from!"

It's really just for fun and not to be taken too seriously, but I've done my best to make it
playable. I made it a little choky getting into the middle to give that area more interest, but the
middle itself is quite open, and I have put plenty of properties there to prevent people from
sitting back and defending too much. I've also put the HQs forward so they can also be
attacked. There are other narrow areas but hopefully as the pipe seams burst the paths will
become more interesting.

And I know you love roads ;D


FunkyChunk (03/21/2008 02:18am):
Grimm would be an interesting CO choice here. You can blast pipeseams in 2 days instead
of 3 with an artillery, and you can rip through the enemy APCs, but your own APCs are weak.

Also, I remade this map.
benbever (07/07/2008 12:22am):
Wow, this looks like APC fun. Invite me to a game anytime ^_^
Falconewing (07/04/2009 09:29am):
APC Swastika/10!
Falconewing (07/04/2009 09:29am):
APC Swastika/10!
the geust (03/14/2010 05:01am):
Don't be silly, it's obviously an APC Black Hole insignia because Black Hole is really
Germany in disguise(not).
DJ-Moogle (11/05/2010 08:11pm):
Cooool map, cool concept too.
pen (03/19/2012 09:08pm):
Grit would be best (assuming there is no Kanbei) because he can burst the pipe seam in two
days with an artillery and then use all of those APCs as a wall for rockets and artillery to secure
themselves behind. You could place another base on the plain squares that are above/below the
double forests in the corners. I really like the concept 10.
PWNHAMMER247 (04/11/2018 07:13pm):
Armored PWNING carriers! Anyone get the reference? Anyone? Aww... (bob squad)
NoobleJack (06/16/2019 03:55pm | Edited: 06/16/2019 03:56pm):
Ugh... When you give a monkey a paintbrush

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