It is doughnut for team
Creator: bamiyan || First Published: 03/28/2008 || Players: 4 || Size: 20x20
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 8.52 in 29 ratings
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a432 (07/31/2008 01:51pm):
Solid team map. I like how the two cities near the pond on each side are only available to
infantry and air units. Indirects can help too if needed. However I find that the ports
don't really get used, as the funds aren't high enough to warrant Battleships.
Nyvelion (09/16/2008 11:39am | Edited: 05/04/2013 07:46am):
The ports will be used extensively because whoever doesn't build battleships is an idiot
who who sucks at AW and will lose the ground battle.
G-STAR RAW (02/15/2009 12:42pm):
No because 28,000 isnt worth killing half a unit every turn when u could have 4 tanks for
the same price. Noob. ;)
Falconewing (05/18/2009 08:49pm):
G-STAR RAW is partially right, but I would go with a megatank. Usually scares off the
enemy, and if it doesn't go whack those artilleries until he resigns :p
Redwall530 (09/23/2009 05:00pm):
I dont like ports. Use Black Boats?
pen (04/13/2012 07:00pm):
Thank you Redwall for getting the point.
Nyvelion (04/01/2014 06:36am):
I don't think he's going to get rid of the ports.
pen (07/11/2014 04:45pm | Edited: 07/11/2014 04:46pm):
Now that I'm more experienced, I understand the sarcasm in your '08 comment here

That was very funny. What would deploying a battleship accomplish?!!
Nyvelion (03/10/2015 02:10pm):
I don't know. I just like Battleships.
Nyvelion (08/11/2016 10:49am):
I even like saying battleships.
clord666 (11/05/2016 02:30am):
Played on this map and it was great. Also i made a carrier and it was kinda useful (mostly cause other team didnt
realise it was there).

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