3 VS 3 (left VS right)
Creator: harsha || First Published: 04/08/2008 || Players: 6 || Size: 17x16
Categories: None
Rating: 7.96 in 24 ratings
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Stinky (04/08/2008 05:42pm):
Nyvelion (02/08/2011 04:38pm):
Highly commented on
TheSniper (12/22/2011 07:33pm):
How come BH doesint get an infantry if they go second to last in this map?
Madd Maxx (07/03/2012 02:54pm):
i like the simplicity and the low funds. good job! 10/10
Nyvelion (08/08/2012 05:03pm):
To be fair, YC, BH, and RF should all get one infantry.
blozzee (10/14/2012 05:48am | Edited: 10/14/2012 05:50am):
^ the team arrangement is ABBABA, the last country should get an infantry
Nyvelion (11/12/2012 12:03pm):
Why not the last 3? Still even.
Asaint (12/18/2012 05:42pm):
How does the game start?
(I'm new ...)
Nyvelion (12/18/2012 05:56pm):
When the planets align.
pen (07/17/2013 03:23am):
Nyvelion pls
NeonTurtle (10/13/2013 01:18am):
Hahahaha!! Btw I love this map 10/10
Nyvelion (03/28/2014 05:39pm):
Pls what?
Nyvelion (08/25/2016 11:40am):
Aw, nobody is commenting on this map anymore. I liked replying to all the comments on this
Eryś12 (08/25/2016 02:29pm):
sux man

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