~Robocop~ Kurgoo
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 04/15/2008 || Players: 4 || Size: 23x23
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 7.17 in 12 ratings
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The Shifting Shadows (04/15/2008 07:09pm):
Choke Pointy At Some Places. I like how the importaint stuff is surrounded by pipe though.
DuelStriker (04/17/2008 07:59am):
Minus the chokepoints it's pretty well done.
Falconewing (07/10/2009 06:57pm):
pretty good, but I dislike the clump of important urban props behind the pipe.(HQ lab etc etc)
Madd Maxx (06/01/2012 12:43am):
10/10. I agree with Falcon. Maybe leave the the comtower and headquarters there and move
the missile and other tower behind different pipes?
AWsome (10/24/2019 08:22am):
The HQ’s are virtually impossible to seize and the center base could be a serious issue.
Also, some pipes should be removed to prevent piperunner bull****. Other than that
this map is pretty solid. 7/10.

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