~Robocop~ "Open G" Island FFA
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 04/15/2008 || Players: 8 || Size: 39x39
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Rating: 6.78 in 18 ratings
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Robocop (04/15/2008 07:43pm):
i know my fta counter is not not right but i forget the best way to fix it, so please if
you have a suggestion i will change.
amthc356 (04/15/2008 08:15pm):
giving GS, BD, PC, and PL infantry
Tyrael (04/15/2008 11:46pm):
^ That.
Robocop (04/16/2008 01:16am | Edited: 04/16/2008 01:23am):
well it doesnt look like it makes sence but oh well plz let me know if i misunder stood
your directions

rofl ok ok i understand now it should be good now and yes it makes perfect sense
Robocop (04/16/2008 01:24am):
now its time to test
Dragunov14 (04/16/2008 08:52am):
I don't like the fact that there is one factory in the middle, the faction that gets to that spot will
win... Other than that it is a pretty good FFA map.
Robocop (04/16/2008 01:10pm):
i disagree.
i think if everyone stays and no one leaves to unbalence the game and everyone that joined
are all around the same pro awbw level, the middle base gives a chance to kill the stalemate.
also if there was no middle base one might just not leave there base and wait for someone
to get to them hold there ground then counterpush (i hate that), and in FOW if everyone
had that plan it would be a stalemate.
oh ya and just because someone gets the base dont mean they can hold , they also run the
risk of streching themselves to thin whitch could lead to there demise.
Dragunov14 (04/16/2008 06:58pm):
Yeah I guess your right + all the silos will make it more difficult to capture.
DJ-Moogle (06/23/2009 10:43pm):
this map looks wicked cool, even for me who is a fan of slightly smaller maps ^o^
Falconewing (07/17/2009 07:00pm):
Remove half of missiles
ESDoc3 (07/18/2009 05:00pm):

ESDoc3 (07/18/2009 05:01pm):
when do we start?
Anark Thrasher (10/04/2009 05:50pm):
Knallis (04/24/2010 02:07pm):
The comment about the missiles was a long time ago, but I think it is appropriate that
each nation gets one missile near them to try and snatch. But is it me or would the
diagonal players take more time to get to the center of the map then the cardinal players?
Robocop (05/25/2011 08:25am):
it does seem that way at 1st glance Knallis
but im a map making pro
if u notice and the diagonals are all 1st to play
but ur right i could balance by putting them 5-6 squares closer
its all about stratagy
if the cardinals race for center (which they seem to always do) which is actually a big
mistake) they will spread out to thin and fight each other mean while if diags dont race
plrs will leave them alone and u can just rush one of them and mess them right up
i found its better no matter who u pick to just go after who ever beside u is raceing for
mid and kill them fast cause they spend to much on APC's and transports lol
then you have twice the power then anyone that gets mid controlled (if they even can) so i
made like that for a sneaky reason
greed = Death here
plus u can always msg ppl and team up if u think u need to...
iv also noticed that ppl use the missiles only on ppl rushing mid so agian better to just
not seem like a treat and rush sum1 beside u
when everyone stays this is a really fun strategic map with lots of room for diff game
winning strategies
nvm had a bad game here
ppl host lots
must be good :)
balance here is all the way u look at it and play

Madd Maxx (04/01/2012 06:32pm):
i really like the map. 10/10. But I think having so many missiles in the middle makes it a little
ugly there. I think it could be too much of an advantage to the person with the base. No one
will want to fight for the base after its captured because it'll be suicide. Meanwhile the guy is
creating a wall of infantry to protect it. Instead maybe just put one or two missiles and put
some cities around the outside where the trees are to help people heal that want toi fight for
it. good job!
Madd Maxx (04/01/2012 06:34pm):
Maybe change the positions off the countries too. I started a 2vs2vs2vs2 game and the
teammates are across from each other. Gives a fta to some teams like orange and green.
Just an idea. Not terribly important though because probably not meant to be a team game.
the-deadly-shadow (12/07/2013 02:35pm):
I don't think the missiles pose a problem. Once someone reaches the base, somebody else who
is late, will discard missiles by firing them. reaching the center is quite useless, you will be
attacked from several sides.
Uthief (08/21/2014 05:29am):
Played an FFA on this map. Was BD.

PC and I fought for the BM properties, but PC got to the center first, and no one could
stop him from firing off all 8 missiles at me as we were both contesting the BM properties.

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