Dancing Pit
Creator: Hellraider || First Published: 05/06/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 16x22
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 9.13 in 16 ratings
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AMajor (05/06/2008 08:46pm):
Solid map. I'd just move the initial bases farther away. And the bridges by the airports
are going the wrong way.
funwes (05/07/2008 07:32pm):
Actually, the bridges are going the right way. The river needs a way to cross the road, ya
Zinco (05/04/2009 06:40pm):
MegaMarissa (02/08/2010 01:18pm):
lol, leave it wes, leave it
blanci1 (10/28/2010 04:31pm):
i like the huge frontline along the diagonal .. i played it and it great in fog
sulla (03/17/2011 09:03am):
This is a rank? Its ok, bit the long marrches can be a bit tedious IMHO.
xushu (06/06/2011 11:38am):
I've played on this map a number of times now, and I still do not know what to think of it. In a
number of games, it has been a stalemate at the center and a number games have been
flooding the SW and NE corners. Definitely not a bad map, but I wish it was more dynamic and
less predictable. I would rate it if I knew what I would give it, but honestly, I just do not know.
Madd Maxx (09/04/2011 11:58am):
It's a classic 10/10. I';m making a remix of it that includes lakes and seaports. One of the best
maps out there! I really like the omuntain frontline. I also think how it's cool with the airport
surrounded by the river and bridge. Also think the long road are cool. Classic!
Hellraider (11/04/2011 07:53pm):
If I ever get to work on it I'll open it up ever so slightly.

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