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Of Blood and Courage..... (Design Map by Raz Takasha)
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Rating: 9.03 in 115 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
borgez (04/15/2005 10:38pm):
This looks like an epic map. this game will take awhile, but a good opponent will make it a
memorable one. I like how you battle right away with your extra base in the corner, and then
you build up your main forces for later. I give it a nine only for the fact that Orange goes first
and neatral cities are generally closer to him than to Blue, giving a competant Orange owner
the advantage. Great map though.
Legionnaire (04/23/2005 05:00am):
Beautiful map, reminds me of the last few missions of the original Red Alert.
A use for every unit, many properties to allow high cost match-ups, abundant terrain, and
early action. This would be absotulely increadible in FoW, even without quite enough
forests to take advantage of.
COeagle (05/05/2005 10:50pm):
Awesome map with awesome shape awesome design and awsome properties! It is bland
terrain varitey wise, so add more one-spaced mountains and forests. It gives Max too much
of an advantage here. 9.5/10!
Dullahan (05/09/2005 08:40pm):
Whoa... a map with both ports and airports where it's actually worth building ships! Nice
map... looks like any game on this map will be taking a really long time, twice as much if
FOW is on. I agree with COeagle... it needs more land-based terrain. 8/10.
Raz Takasha (05/10/2005 05:06pm):
Alright, when my game is over on it, I'll add more forests and a few more random
mountains, and adjust the property location (especially on the eastern side). Thanks for
the comments and suggestions, keep 'em coming!
(05/29/2005 05:45am):
this map is great,but needs more airports on each base,i whould be even better,and more
woods to even make it better,
Cait_Sith (06/05/2005 07:11am):
I gave it a 10. I find the 4 uncappturable ports to be quite brilliant. I'm dueling
someone on this, in FoW. Yes I would recommend alot more forests. Kepp the uncapturable
ports! I call 'em derelicts. They make excellent defensive ground!!
Raz Takasha (06/08/2005 11:00pm):
A quick question... should I make the river on the east side flow into the sea? And add a
bridge or so for some chokes? Let me know what you think!!
Legionnaire (06/16/2005 08:02am):
Sounds like a good Idea to me, but the river should fork around the center cities so that
control of the center relies more on directs than indirects.
(06/17/2005 08:36am):
It looks very nice. Don't add too many more forests, though. (Maybe some in the middle
by the large center of roads.) Also, let the see come east one or two more squares, give
battleships more squares of land to shoot at.
(06/17/2005 08:36am):
Oh yea, definitely one of the best maps I have seen here.
Raz Takasha (06/17/2005 11:24pm):
Yes, I was going to push the seas about 2 spaces inward beside each port, to let
battleships have some fun.
Dullahan (06/20/2005 05:13pm):
Just noticed something... Along the right side, OS can begin capturing the airport almost
immediately whereas it'll take almost a week for BM to even get to an airport. OS is also
much closer to their neutral base on the right side than BM. The center is balanced pretty
well though.
Kamuscha (06/20/2005 08:24pm):
pay attention people, Razzberry has said several times what he wants to change on this

now if you dudes would stop playing this map so he could do these edits....hahhahahah!
Cait_Sith (06/26/2005 06:39am):
Frosty we were playing long before he said he wnated to edit...
Raz Takasha (06/26/2005 06:05pm):
Well, actually, I wanted to edit it on May 10th... but no real rush. No need to bicker
about it, haha.
Raz Takasha (07/05/2005 10:08pm):
Ok, lovely. One more game on the map, and it's boot interval is over in about an hour...
I just unpublished the map, and I'll fix up edits tonight (if it'll let me...)
Raz Takasha (07/06/2005 12:02am):
And, there we go. I've done all the edits I think are necessary... if anyone can catch
me before games are started, please let me know of anything you think should be changed.

*Added more properties to BM on the east side (also moved the BM base location)
*Completely disrupted the middle (extended the river for chokes, added forests and changed
the layout)
*Gave a port to both OS and BM (help promote sea use)
*Pre-deployed infantry, with a mech on each HQ. (this is generally the first turn of each
army, it's a waste to make it otherwise. No units on each side's mini-base, however)
*Added about 3-5 cities on each side for more funds
Dullahan (07/06/2005 09:45am):
It looks much nicer now
Raz Takasha (07/09/2005 12:04pm):
Colin might should be banned. Funds are set at 1500, and after using my power twice, I
have 180,000 funds on day 9. Piled with the shear number of production facilities, it's
hard to see Colin losing on this map. I'll have to test hachi and a few others here, as well.
(07/13/2005 08:43pm):
i like how you can have 3 battles going on at once. one at sea, one in the mountains, and
one on the central island. i like it. 9/10
Dullahan (08/05/2005 01:38pm):
The damage powers are going to be very very useful/annoying depending on which side of
them you are on. Drake's fuel cut is also going to be pretty significant.
(08/20/2005 12:37pm):
very good map in the war

(08/27/2005 10:58pm):
Excellent, 10/10. This should be used in long tournements.
BlitzStrike (09/10/2005 11:34pm):
what happened to the old one :(
Pichu0102 (10/21/2005 12:06pm):
Very nice, but some of those netural ports can't be captured due to no shoals and no place
to land a TCopter.
Inquisitor (10/22/2005 03:29pm):
Un capturable ports are nice for defence. I am having a battle on this one for sho
Raz Takasha (10/22/2005 08:30pm):
Pichu, those ports are purposeful. Derelicts, someone coined them as...
Edi (11/05/2005 02:58pm):
I love this map

Mr. Warhammer (12/29/2005 08:26am):
0/10 - for nothing.
Raz Takasha (12/29/2005 02:01pm):
what the hell...
Mr. Warhammer (12/30/2005 11:02am):
GaoGaoStegosaurus (12/30/2005 06:03pm):
I like derelicts.
AdvanceBurns37 (03/03/2006 05:46pm):
Love this map!
blade740 (04/15/2006 09:16am):
Nice, but as soon as OS gets that base, they're cranking out units only a few days away
from BM's base. I'd say put that one the other way around, to counter FTA.
Nahbien (04/16/2006 07:58pm):
It seems OS has a slight advantage with their HQ area vs the corner resistance. It's
really hard for BM to get the port, because by the time they get around to it, OS can stop
them, or a nice lander will be in the way after it drops off foot soldiers to get the
island base. It's happened many many games in a row.
Gorgapor (07/10/2006 11:31am):
10/10 because, among other things:

- this is one of the few maps where the GE co's aren't unbalanced because you can adopt
either of the three strategies (land, air, sea).
- you are continuing to work on it and apply the feedback you get, and are playtesting it a
bunch yourself.
gunner1138 (07/13/2006 01:32pm):
Great map, though Kindle might have to be banned with all the urban terrain.
jhuni (07/16/2006 02:16am):
Its rare to find good 40x40 1v1 maps. 9/10
Last Edited on 07/16/2006 02:16am
jenkins (07/19/2006 05:34pm):
Fabulous map: 10/10

Nearly any CO works well here...I've got a Kanbei vs Hawke game going, and it's great.

It's long, too; I doubt I'll be done before Halloween.
JaredyBoy05 (07/25/2006 09:30am):
great map
beerboy (07/30/2006 10:40am):
excellent stuff.
Doom.exe (11/19/2006 12:07pm):
a winner is you
Raz Takasha (11/23/2006 10:49pm):
Wow, so many good comments! I'm surprised this old thing is alive and kicking... when
did I make this, back in April? 109 ratings, and about a 9 average... I'm satisfied.
From anyone that's managed to play it through and through... any more suggestions? I've
had a big break from AWBW, but this will always be my pride and joy.
VIH (01/13/2007 11:08am):
there are 3 unreachable ports on the left,
otherwise it's perfect: 10/10
Raz Takasha (01/16/2007 03:19pm):
Graci, graci, but those were addressed earlier... naval defense derelicts, they're
supposed to be there.
Nyvelion (10/16/2014 08:58am):
You're graci.
Xmo5 (01/16/2019 11:12pm):
Aww, thanks! *blush*

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