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Paintball Arena 2v2 (Design Map by Robocop)
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play

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Rating: 8.57 in 28 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
amthc356 (05/04/2008 09:41pm):
BM and PC have extra cities
Robocop (05/05/2008 06:02am):
there i fixed

Robocop (05/05/2008 06:03am):
should i change anything on this map?

Fungi127 (05/09/2008 02:12am):
I must say, I like this map a lot more than a lot of your other ones, Robocop. The fact
that there aren't any missile silos is a huge plus in my book.
Red11 (04/23/2009 12:28am):

Sweet looking map.
Falconewing (10/13/2009 04:38pm):
oh its really narrow...
marth4110 (10/14/2009 10:30am):
Nice Job
Tyrantboy (12/28/2009 08:21pm):
nice one man

logbob (08/09/2010 01:04pm):
Is you day good?
Robocop (03/06/2011 03:04pm):
every game iv played on this map has been a very good one.
even when i change the game settings to extreme its still balanced.
ichbinsehselber (05/16/2011 04:40pm):
very nice map (10/10)
Last Edited on 05/16/2011 04:41pm
Madd Maxx (08/31/2013 01:21am):
Another classic by robocop. Good job! 10/10
Slazzy (12/26/2016 08:42pm):
i think it's best to advance mechs early towards the enemy instead of capturing
Slazzy (11/25/2017 02:51am):
Iogbob No.

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