Caustic Finale
Creator: Hellraider || First Published: 05/11/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 18x18
Categories: S-Rank, Global League, Hall of Fame, Mixed Base
Rating: 8.46 in 46 ratings
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Tyrael (05/31/2008 12:32pm | Edited: 05/31/2008 12:33pm):
I suggest the two cities in the SE corner be turned into one city located two spaces above
the bottom one so it's more contested (and so that lone-infantry stalemate in the corner
where one sits on a city and the other on a mountain for weeks is avoided ;) ).

Blablabla fun, several fronts, maybe a bit chokey in the NW/SE corners but won't stalemate,
there's plenty of other places to fight on.

I thought it already was noteworthy'd... :(
Fix'd :)
Ploumeur (10/22/2008 01:37pm):
The map is a good mix between open areas and chokey ones. Sami, Sturm, Javier and Kindle
have their own advantages and disadvantages there.

Excellent map as a quasi-ground only and diagonal one. 10/10.
rast2 (12/26/2008 10:55pm):
if it matters, OS sturm can recon rush the NE factory.
mrapex (02/18/2009 08:14pm | Edited: 02/18/2009 08:15pm):
yep rast, but thats the case with most maps
Mattimus (09/16/2009 06:00pm):
Wow, fun map! Shangri-La may still be better IMO, but definitely S-worthy!
jethro (01/23/2011 01:03pm):
what r the silos for if u can't use them?
FunkyChunk (05/17/2011 08:48pm):
Same thing the reef is there for, decoration
xushu (10/12/2011 11:31am):
I think that this map would be better without the four bases, but that is me. Also, the towers
draw a lot of early attention, which is dull after the third or fourth time you play on this map. 8/10
...... (04/15/2012 10:54pm):
this is more of a decration map the ports and silos are useless and blue moon has an
advanteg beacuse they are much closer to the towers
Headphone (05/11/2012 07:08pm):
I think 4 bases is just fine for a mixed base setup. Tanks are generally better for this setup, but
the extra infantries make arties better than usual. 9/10 from me.
blanci1 (06/19/2012 06:05am | Edited: 06/19/2012 06:09am):
@xushu... i agree... it might be more fundamental/basic in some sense.... it would be
great to make a map like you suggest... with one army having one base at top and bottom
and the other army having a base at either side... (and no air). Thats a very basic idea
different from usual face to face combat. The central original idea of this imo. Its hard to
believe it hadnt been done before ! ? (see the mixed base forum topic for list of such maps)

BUT immediately after we have made such a map, we might then think what happens when we
double up on the bases... then we get back here! So i think heres no need to throw stuff
out when we can have both ! This present map would probly work in a somewhat different
way, and also gets going faster.
Rockoe10 (09/12/2012 08:18pm):
An amazing map! Just look at the statistics and its a dead even FAIR map. Love the silo's :P
great touch.

Boomyz (08/19/2016 04:13pm):
You know you have a good map when it's suggested to another map maker to use as reference! Nice map!
That map maker would be me by the way. Myes, quite.

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