4p Team Play
Creator: Nahbien || First Published: 10/16/2005 || Players: 4 || Size: 13x19
Categories: None
Rating: 7.58 in 19 ratings
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Nahbien (10/16/2005 09:02am):
OS + BM + GE vs BH. Suggestions welcome. Meant for fog of war play.
???revived (10/16/2005 01:53pm):
nice, if Jake was playable he would own here :)
Dullahan (10/16/2005 03:45pm):
Lash isn't too bad either
Nahbien (11/09/2005 09:20am):
Edited a bit, Black hole was too strong.
golden_cow2 (02/17/2006 05:27pm):
Black hole gets anal raped. I was Hachi... @_@
Yankee_Hater (07/29/2006 10:00am):
i like it, good balance, a smart BH can win, but a smart team can also win, 9/10
Megaa (08/30/2006 10:12am):
The again...


High funds = eh for this map.
Keige (11/21/2006 08:10pm):
Pretty good. I love 3 on 1s. Because one of my friends always pwns everyone in FFAs
u stole my kill! (12/04/2006 07:10pm):
Sensei for BH = OWN
Nahbien (12/04/2006 07:34pm):
Sensei is over-powered on most maps, especially maps with lots of cities, such as this one.
AerusalePhoxJr (08/05/2007 11:07pm):
for the win

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