Africa in 1914
Creator: Harmony Bunny || First Published: 05/24/2008 || Players: 7 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 6.85 in 40 ratings
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Harmony Bunny (05/24/2008 08:52pm | Edited: 05/25/2008 08:42am):
An attempt at making a diplomatic map. looks a bit ugly but pretty accurate...

OS => French Empire
GE => Belgian Congo
RF => British Empire
GS => German Western and Eastern Africa
JS => Italian Empire
AB => Portuguese Angola and Mozambica
TG => Rio de Oro (Spain)
Red11 (05/25/2008 01:32am):

Superb! Well done.
zywxn (05/26/2008 08:05am):
Good, but then there is no much point having lone cities in Egypt and Benin and Madagascar
if it cannot be protected whatsoever as other armies can easily take it over.
kookysooky (05/26/2008 09:37pm):
ok map, except that black gets no port...he stays landlocked, while everyone else gets one.
TJ the Great (07/23/2008 03:21pm | Edited: 07/23/2008 03:21pm):
kookysooky (05/26/2008 09:37pm):
ok map, except that black gets no port...he stays landlocked, while everyone else gets one.
neither does OS... FTA take away?
kookysooky (12/21/2008 05:47pm):
lol. FTA is one thing. but to take away ALL sea units? ISN'T THAT A BIT OF AN EXAGGERATED
Pincer_Strike (05/05/2009 02:16am | Edited: 05/05/2009 02:35am):
The ports probably are not a huge concern. Cities are sparse, so sea units will definitely
be late entrants into the game, especially since there are very few actual sea-based
objectives to pursue. Even so, I think the absence of a Suez Canal is a bit striking.
Also, I could stand to see the Arabian peninsula opened up as as another player
representing the Ottoman Empire. After all, they did actually attempt an attack on the
Suez Canal in WWI. Furthermore, the Belgians may be a bit too strong.
Falconewing (08/21/2009 10:35pm):
a little crowded down
Erniewan (12/10/2010 06:39pm):
These countries are not balanced. I'm split up into two, and each of them is sandwiched
between two countries. And it just so happened that my bordering countries acquired
property from inactives too. :/
Meta Rexy (06/16/2011 08:04pm):
I watched a game where Amber Blaze was denied the neutral base by Green Earth, but he
couldn't do anything to stop GE.
I think an extra mountain is needed two spaces to the right of AB's neutral base.
pen (07/15/2011 10:21pm | Edited: 08/14/2012 10:05pm):
looks good
Ignorance (12/20/2012 12:49pm):
Great map, pretty accurate and rather pretty at the end result.

An interesting diplomacy styled game with lots of opportunities for everyone in the south,
maybe TG losses out since he only has an advantage up north, but it makes it interesting
and gives it that much more of a characteristic map.

zaykho (05/23/2013 02:04pm | Edited: 05/23/2013 02:04pm):
I have played on this map, and it's totally unbalanced.

This + leavers mean that map is awful, don't waste your time on it.

amigo1234 (05/28/2013 04:44pm):
stupid fuck zaykho this map is good and very best (10/10) (GM)(GEOGRAHPICMAP)
zaykho (06/04/2013 12:55am | Edited: 06/04/2013 12:56am):
If amigo(creator of the most unbalanced and shittiest maps of the universe) say the map is
good, well, you know what to think now...........
Ignorance (08/02/2013 11:55am):
Me thinks he's the other amigo since I see the other amigo no more, trolling that is.

Also, zaykho, on your other comment, stop being a hater. The map looks great and plays
well, you may just lack the diplomacy or tactics to actually enjoy this map like others do.
zaykho (08/09/2013 09:42am | Edited: 08/09/2013 09:44am):

No, I'm just realist, this map + HP drainer CO + leavers = bad map.

And I'm not lacking of diplomacy or tactics, people who have played with me know how I play.

The fact is, you say this map "looks great and plays well", well only if:

- They are no leavers.
- People are ok to make alliance with you (instead of wipe you in less of 5 turns because
the map give them a great advantage).
- Nobody use a HP drainer CO (think how fun this map would be with 5 Drake....).
- No noob (who prefer not attacking someone who is bigger threat than them, letting this
threat begin more bigger turn after turn).

Well, yes, in this case this map can be great.

But the reality is totally different, leavers everywhere, people are not responding you
when wanting an alliance or were already with someone else, too much retards with DRAKE
making the game endless, noob who only want to attack the weaker one, leaving his
neighbors become a super nova warfare army and screwing the total equilibrium of the game.

This, is what you will get by playing on this map, be prepared to click on the "drop out"
before reach the 15th turn.
mirddes (12/19/2013 09:25am):
no one else has said it

whats up with the piped off neutral cities?
Nyvelion (02/09/2014 11:42am):
Apparently the USA is not the only country that wants to build a wall to keep minorities out.
matt208 (03/19/2014 05:06pm):
there should be ports near all the hqs of countries, not an the other side of the entire map
Nyvelion (06/27/2014 06:04pm):
Not if she's going for accuracy.
antonio96 (06/28/2014 07:12am):
when does it start?

Nyvelion (07/12/2014 04:55pm):
Meta Rexy (02/20/2015 03:33pm):
This map SERIOUSLY needs more ports for everyone and more shoals to make naval combat more accessible.
Without it the map can easily stalemate once some players drop out and the remaining ones consolidate territory.

BUBUSES (11/27/2015 09:30am):
umm how to play?

H0RSED1K (04/20/2016 05:16pm):
great map of asia!
Nyvelion (08/15/2016 08:05am):
The name of the continent IS IN THE MAP TITLE
Harmony Bunny (09/14/2016 12:41pm | Edited: 09/20/2016 07:27am):
Wow. good to see one of my maps has created a little bit of controversy. Better late than
never, I'm gonna reply to some of those several-years-old debates.

First you just can't hold mapmakers responsible for leavers, CO picks, diplomatic failures
players' strategies (those you call 'noobs'). That makes no sense. When we choose to
produce a geographical/historical map and make it the most accurate, we observe the actual
balance of power between countries and render them in a map the best we can. If it is
too unfair, we reduce the gap between superpowers and smaller countries and that's all.
Then we don't hold players in a leash, once the map's out it's theirs to play and this is what
makes these maps interesting, you may play the same map a hundred times and get a
different game everytime. You can't call yourself a skilful diplomat if you can't have others
playing for your interests. If you can't stand diplomatic failures, others playing a different
way than yours then maybe it's best for you to stick with symetrical 2v2 maps and not blame
it on mapmakers.

About the Ottoman Empire, it is true they raised a campaign against the british in Egypt in
1914. They also attacked Russia in the Caucasus the same year. The common point
these two campaigns is that both failed horribly. They had territorial ambition aplenty, but not
the military means to carry them out. On the other hand, although it was declining and had
been stripped of all possessions in Africa, the Empire remained a powerhouse in the region
and kept the capacity to hold their main cities. They were not for the taking. So I had only
choices, ignore it and make an ocean instead, or lock it in pipes. Choosed the latter for more

About the Suez Canal, I figured out I would keep it closed. Because GB had control over it
the time, and would not allow anyone to pass. An open see area here means "okay you can
just cross the canal for free, French Spanish German whatever, we don't care". Didn't sound
good to me. :3

Anyway, spot on Meta Rexy. Hopefully I'lll be able to fix this asap.
pen (12/11/2017 06:17am):
I'm very interested in seeing how the late-game map would look. What sort of empires would be built
out of 2, 3, or even 4 nations? Hopefully, other players will stick around to make that happen.
Meta Rexy (08/04/2018 04:40am):
Amber is still at a significant disadvantage because this map still has not been changed,

I do appreciate the historical accuracy, but it comes at the expense of game balance this
time :(
pen (05/05/2020 05:02am):
Amber practically has dibs on Madagascar tho. I'd say that France has the biggest
disadvantage here. Just like another map of his.... But I can't remember the name.

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