Creator: Harti1990 || First Published: 06/01/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x16
Categories: A-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 8.89 in 62 ratings
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fballchamp1 (06/01/2008 07:09pm | Edited: 06/01/2008 07:09pm):
I like this map, i just don't like how the road looks in the middle, even though i know you're
making it symetrical. 9/10
AMajor (06/01/2008 07:50pm):
Looks cool. Who cares about the road?
nirial1991 (06/02/2008 02:16am):
It looks like both armies will scramble to defend the HQ. Good work on bringing the fight
to the middle. An A-Rank map if I ever saw one.10/10
nerd-boy (06/02/2008 06:11pm):
Well, it certainly looks good.

The rivers in the middle of the shoal beaches are a little wonky, but I didn't even notice
them until I looked at the map a second time.
Harti1990 (06/03/2008 09:00am | Edited: 08/11/2008 04:28pm):
The rivers are there to avoid stalemates a bit (-> more options to attack meatshields with
your own footsoldiers), so I don't get your point. Should I really rather replace them by
"real" sea tiles?
nerd-boy (06/03/2008 09:32pm):
No, they're perfectly fine as rivers.

They just seem a bit strangely placed.

But strange is good.

Especially since it's original strange.
Dhomochevsky (07/12/2008 02:30pm):
Great map
Mafiasco (08/13/2008 12:42am):
Nyvelion, this map is one of the best I've seen. If you aren't trolling, then you are an

I didn't even see the rivers-in-shoal-beaches until I read the comments.
rast2 (10/09/2008 11:37am):
I'm wondering why Nyvelion didn't flame this map on September 21st (or so).

blanci1 (01/13/2009 01:29am | Edited: 06/23/2009 12:14pm):
So whats the story behind the HQ positions ? i dont see it myself. Pretty artificial without
reason or any natural protection, could hardly be worse placed except in middle of enemy
camp. Also will be highly unfair with Sami so no good in leagues (except the no-power
one). So how did this get in Fog League=sami nightmare/ghost time.?
(( i changed my mind... those forest behind HQ are mostly full of defenders, and a hq grab is
pretty tricky without a considerable invasion first.))
Harti1990 (01/15/2009 10:23am):
HQs were placed to disable Tank/AA supply within 1 day, so you need to anticipate upcoming
marches towards your HQ at least two days before possible capture. Or you at least need to
have a unit around.
Usually, the main fighting occurs between the airports and central-aligned cities, so
heavy units will hardly go to the HQ, giving you the chance to block a HQ rush by simply
putting 1 Infantry onto your HQ. As soon as your opponent charges towards your HQ with
heavier units, you - of course - need to do something against this. Welcome to AW.

Also, read the AW manual for "Fog of War", you definitely need to get Recons explained
(which happen to do quite well at hitting Infantry and additionally have 5 vision), don't
you? :/
blanci1 (02/28/2009 09:51am):
Actually i seem to have forgotten to mention i do think its an original, good looking and
interestingly terrained map ... i only usually comment on maps i like ! According to reported
results there doesnt seem to be much problem with HQ grabs .... perhaps thats because--
in FOG-- theres plenty of forest hiding places for its defence imediately behind . i didnt find
HQ problem in my game either....... But i did find it difficult to make attacking progress.... i
think the reason for this is that most of the battle front along and to either side of the centre
road seems very exposed and very difficult to cross with the awful prospect of being
ambushed from the forests on the other side (FOG GAME). However the map analysis
show very few draws .... so i guess there is no practical problem... but perhaps with fairly
equally matched experienced players it may prove hard to win. I seem to be oscilating...
Mind boggling map !
Corkerp (03/12/2009 11:02am):
I've come to the conclusion that Nyvelion is off her rocker. I really like the layout of this map.
The fact that the HQs are out there and open for attacking makes for an interesting strategy.
And the rivers-in-shoals thing was a pretty good idea. I wouldn't've noticed if I hadn't read
the comments.
Armageddon07 (06/07/2009 08:29am):
I like the shoal rivers.
airob (09/23/2009 09:47pm):
nice forests/10
chrisdaboss (10/21/2009 07:33am):
Nyvelion is usually going to rate maps, like 1/10, but I rate this map 10/10. I like how you
made the map to where the battle is brought to the middle.
soundbreaker (06/07/2010 08:05am):
how do i play.
wareagle (01/05/2011 08:26pm | Edited: 01/06/2011 07:51am):
I have over 500 games on here and i disagree with you.
blozzee (07/14/2011 04:05pm):
I kind of agree what Nyvelion said >:3
Roswell the Black Rose (07/16/2011 01:28am):
rainy isn't a S-rank fow map. it shaped nice, but there are too much forests.
DraconisMarch (07/22/2011 07:33am):
Nyvelion is a dick.

Rated 10 to counter his rage 1 rating.
walkerboh (08/04/2011 12:23pm):
her rage 1 rating*
Madd Maxx (08/17/2011 02:19pm):
Too easy to capture the base early in the game. The defender has too manby trees to go
through to get to his own base. I lost on day 8 on this map. I also had to deal with snow as
he appeared on my base.
twistedsaint08 (09/29/2011 05:52pm):
Nyvelion's vagina is leaking period juice. Obvious troll is pathetic.
The placement of the HQs are way to close for a good length game, but the design, is
pleasant, as is the overview. If the HQs were to be pushed back, then I'd give you a ten.
xushu (10/12/2011 11:43am):
Not bad, but not great either... I just have never been impressed with this one. Stales are
problematic here and the strategy is lacking compared to other maps. A strong map, don't get
me wrong, just not awesome like some others. 8/10
Harti (05/08/2012 10:55am):
Yes, the map was modified once, I fixed the shoals to the very left and right of the map. And I
think I added one more city per side. That's about it.

I don't know what you're talking about Nyv, I also don't really care much, all I can say is that I
couldn't tell the meaning of your original comment either but I felt like ignoring it was the way
to go. Also I can't remember what it said so it would have been nice to keep it when you're
already writing the essay of your life so that other individuals like the map owner can easily
understand what this is all about.

Slazzy (07/05/2012 10:56am):
What is the Map Committee?
pen (12/07/2012 07:13pm):
Good god what happened here?
Nyvelion (10/21/2014 08:02am | Edited: 04/17/2015 02:20pm):
walkerboh01 (12/26/2014 06:07am):
Nah wareagle is a good guy, it wasn't him.
liandry (06/13/2016 12:14pm):
A warning: do not play in rainy weather.
Harti (10/13/2017 02:59pm):
Haha yup, you might wanna play this one in Clear and without FOW (ladder settings anyway).

@Slazzy, the Map Committee are some people on the forums dedicating their attention to map design and
balancing. They also got the power to get maps added/removed from A- and S-Rank categories and such.
SonjaTheSuperior (06/27/2019 10:39am):
wow you played for at least 9 years, or came back. I wonder if you still play.
SonjaTheSuperior (06/27/2019 10:39am):
Nope the stalking feature this game has on each players profile says last was in 2017.

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