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The Smoking Eye (Design Map by funwes)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 8.38 in 13 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
funwes (06/11/2008 07:35pm):
Which of the two dark armies is the better?

Standard two player, blah blah blah OMG WTF TOUCHING CITIES?! Yes. It's not illegal.
What's the big deal about people not liking touching cities? I dare to be different.

Two airports for kicks (and I originally meant to take out the corner ones, but they
probably won't see use anyway).

Bans are broken five. I see no need to ban anyone else unless you're just ban-happy. Do I
have any comments or suggestions from my fellow AWBW folk?
Last Edited on 06/11/2008 07:58pm
Heartless (06/11/2008 08:06pm):
I think it's a bit bland, but that might just be me...
Dragunov14 (06/11/2008 08:07pm):
Other than the touching cities and chokepoints, its a decent map 8/10
funwes (06/11/2008 08:17pm):
Heartless: That's what I was trying to aviod...>_>

Dragun: Please point out the chokepoints to me. And explain why touching cities are bad.
Dragunov14 (06/11/2008 08:26pm):
The land mass is 3squares from side to side(not counting the center) and that makes it easy
to choke up, and airports are far from the battle...

funwes (06/11/2008 08:40pm):
I edited the map a bit, giving some more breathing room on bottom and top. I might be
moving an airport and changing a few more little things.

Edit: Added an airport per side, changed terrain up a bit
Last Edited on 06/11/2008 08:56pm
nerd-boy (06/11/2008 09:02pm):
Sturm freaking LOVES this map. Srsly, you might want to add a bit more 1-move-for-tire
terrain in the north and south.

I also feel as though the corner bases are far too removed from the site of battle to be
of any real difference.

Also: OMGWTFSIXAIRPORTSAAAAHHH, just for good measure.
funwes (06/11/2008 09:12pm):
Edited to where Koal starts to like me now.

I also find it funny that after much editing, the first few comments can make no sense
until your read the "Map edited" comments.
Tyrael (09/20/2008 01:33am):
That's always the best part. I definately didn't understand why the heck this was chokey
with 3 factories.
funwes (05/07/2009 07:47pm):
Because (I reply months later) the middle land masses weren't connected with shoals
WWShakeD (02/18/2010 08:18pm):
if you switch sides your troops will look like they are fighting with thier guns and not thier
walkerboh01 (06/10/2010 01:09am):
^^^ I love maps that are set up so this happens haha. It looks so awkward and unintuitive.

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