Rivers of Blue Moon
Creator: benbever || First Published: 06/20/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 40x25
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.95 in 19 ratings
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benbever (06/20/2008 10:21pm):
The succesor to the first (to small) Rivers of Blue Moon.
Meant as an epic style map, only for the toughest co's and players, like Olaf.
Please comment if you see any issues or non symmetrical tiles that I overlooked.
Flawed Logic (06/20/2008 10:57pm):
THIS IS THE BEST MAP OF THE DAY. Note the date. If there were daily awards for map-making,
yours would win this day. There is not a single tile out of place, every bit of this map
has a purpose. It looks more like a work of art.

ANALYSIS: The FTA counter is adequate. The city and base concentrations, balanced on both
sides, serve to give any player a chance to prove his worth on the battlefield. Should he
press his attack on the side where he is strongest? Or should he attempt a near coup from
his weaker front. The openness of the map works wonders for a mobile conflict, and yet the
mountains around the HQ areas allow for defense should an opponent press his attack. A
formula that works for this map. I haven't seen the other map, though i doubt that it's as
good as this, it's that simple. The only possible flaw i can imagine someone pointing out
here is maybe just a tad too many seaports, for such small lakes. I still give this a
perfect rating and i have favorited it. Shall you play against me someday? 10/10
Dragunov14 (06/20/2008 11:11pm):
I likes it, there aren't many huge good 1vs1 maps out there 10/10
Harmony Bunny (06/21/2008 10:19am):
You said it, it's huge. Maybe a bit too much for me but the overall look is still very good. The
roads look great to me too.
nerd-boy (06/21/2008 11:37am):
Holy crap, that's a bit overwhelming.

Not sure how cramped it's gonna be in the fronts, but with, ah, 3 airports per side it
shouldn't be too much of a problem.
SirWinters (06/21/2008 10:46pm):
Greatest map I've ever seen (though I've never played it).
themapmaker (06/23/2008 05:10pm):
I gave it the 8th rating of 10! Good job
benbever (06/29/2008 10:47pm):
lol, thanks for the eight 10s ^_^
hm someone thinks I deserve a 1/10 for my effort on this map.

Flawed Logic (07/07/2008 02:30am):
I've nominated this for submission to the empty A-rank category of maps.
rast2 (07/14/2008 12:31pm):
Ben, I like you, but this map is, how should I say.... Too epic to be A-rank?

It's definitely too epic to be in the leagues.

benbever (07/17/2008 11:15pm):
A-rank should have all different sorts of maps, as long as they're good and playable,
smaller and bigger than normal maps too. Just the standard setup and standard size maps
get boring. The map is too epic for the leagues ;)

Playtesting suggests the map plays well, but takes about as much time as almost three
"normal" games.
Flawed Logic (11/03/2009 06:09pm):
Best large scale 2p map

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