Emerald River
Creator: Flawed Logic || First Published: 07/07/2008 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x20
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 5.88 in 8 ratings
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Flawed Logic (07/07/2008 02:09am | Edited: 10/25/2009 02:14pm):

If you rate negatively, tell me what's wrong and i'll see if i can fix it, but you MUST
promise to come back here to see about improving your rating. Comment while you rate, they
ARE appreciated.

Finally I want to add, that if you want roads put in, ask me for permission to make your
own (officially endorsed) version with roads. It has to look good though, and not destroy
the purpose of this map, it's a challenge I know.

This map is ideal for FOW, Team games, FFA's, and Weather games. Recommend banning Sturm,
The Broken 5 (ESPECIALLY GRIT!!!!), optional Ban would Sonja for FOW.
Ploumeur (07/07/2008 07:38am):
- There's never turn advantage issues in a FFA map, and people prefer symmetrical maps for
team games.
- 2 bases by player isn't enough, you should add 1 by player, but it implies to remove
obstacles and add roads.
- No unit ban is needed. Even the Black Bomb, since there's no airport.
- Almost everybody will put 1000 per city, but there's a lack of cities, so don't remove
benbever (07/07/2008 10:32am):
Some asymetrical maps are good, especially for FFA.
2 bases is enough, especially with the chokepoints. You could add an airport ot something.
There's few cities, but enough. Most people will use 1000k funds, or higher.
There's no roads, no shoals, no 0 defense terrain (except the rivers)
a few roads and/or shoal lakes wouldn't hurt.
There aren't much bridges, but maybe there are enough, You could also try the city bridge
(like http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=38061) or even the forest bridge.

benbever (07/07/2008 10:32am):
Why is there a piece of ocean just left of BM HQ?
Flawed Logic (07/07/2008 11:42am):
Fixed, and benbever, I told you, Roads muddle up the look of this map.
Flawed Logic (07/07/2008 11:43am):
Has anyone noticed the mountain arrangements?
nirial1991 (07/07/2008 12:07pm):
I love the mix of chokey areas and big spaces. This map is ideal for ground warfare. 10/10
Flawed Logic (07/07/2008 03:31pm):
Oliby,THR33, and benbever have thrown down the gauntlet in the first playtest. Let the
games begin.
Flawed Logic (07/07/2008 07:20pm):
Okay who gave me the one?
benbever (07/08/2008 09:21pm):
The nameless 1-raters, they give 1's to new maps just for the lulz. Almost all maps get
1's. I haven't rated your map, I only comment :)

In my ever so humble opinion the map would look better with citybridges, and some more
terrain, like shoallakes and/or roads. It's just a big slab of forestland now, with a
river. Playwise it could use roads, shoallikes, and empty silos, that way there's more
than just 1 and 2 star terrain. Airports in the corners would make battles more interesting.
Flawed Logic (07/08/2008 09:26pm | Edited: 07/08/2008 09:41pm):
Thnx for commenting, once my game is done i'll modify it.The silo idea fits good in here,
There could be some scattered, broken roads, you know, just to get the feeling of the

Edit: Ever so humble opinion is sarcastic, I'm not offended, but I apologized so this
should stop...please.
benbever (07/08/2008 09:52pm):
ok, it was a bit sarcastic. I do kinda like the map (I joined the game too ;))
The advice and critique everyone gives is free, you don't have to take it, in fact often
given advice is bad.
If you like the map wih no roads at all, then please keep it that way. Some people'll like
it and some will not. Just make the maps you like.
The only person who'll hate you for not including roads is Koal (the road bonus co) :P
Flawed Logic (07/08/2008 09:54pm):
Falconewing (06/22/2009 07:43pm):
Stop making such long intros!
Flawed Logic (06/24/2009 01:57am):
not a very helpful comment
Flawed Logic (10/25/2009 02:17pm):
I've made some important changes which change the strategic landscape of this map.
First: there are fewer forest tiles, this should clear up some battle logjams i noticed
while playing on this map.
Second:Some cities have been moved to shift the advantages and disadvantages of a
particular side.

ChuckingFodder (10/25/2009 03:30pm):
Some roads or shoals could add some more flavor to the map. The map in general seems
very boring (sorry :( ) There isn't any focal point or anything to differentiate between certain
parts of the map.

I also don't like the huge amount of forests touching the river in-between the YC and Os hq.
Also another base and citys wouldn't hurt either

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