Grand Enlightenment
Creator: Volcove || First Published: 07/16/2008 || Players: 4 || Size: 27x27
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay, Fog of War
Rating: 8.78 in 9 ratings
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Volcove (07/16/2008 10:19pm | Edited: 07/16/2008 10:20pm):
Major Notes:
- This map is meant to be played in FoW.
- Most recommended for FFA play. A team game is possible (OS + YC vs BM + GE), but not ideal.
- Make sure to 'submerge' your submarines immediately (unless you want to lose them or
waste funds on repairs).
- Ensure that all naval units are banned, so that the port cannot be used for anything
other then keeping the subs refueled. If you want the option of having battleship turrets,
then I suppose you could allow that possibility. However, it is certainly not recommended.
- CO bans are the usual 5. Sturm might be a problem as well (possible recon rush
problems). No other notables come to mind.
- Due to the fact that damage-all COPs will force the enemy to spend extra cash on
repairing the subs, those COs with such damaging capabilities are not recommended for use.

The submarines are meant solely for sight purposes, as they make sure to illuminate that part
of the playing field with it's vision range of 5. The overall idea is the same as one of
my other maps, which in turn was inspired by AWDoR, with the 'flames' that revealed
portions of the fog of war.

Otherwise, it mostly makes for some fun FFA play. The fact that your two side bases would
have their contents revealed to your bordering players would make for some interesting
play, as well as the fact that early attacks from the sides -MIGHT- be spotted before they
Ducky (07/16/2008 10:20pm):
is this one of those ban all sea units and dammage co's maps?
Volcove (07/16/2008 10:27pm | Edited: 07/17/2008 06:49pm):
Ban all sea units, yes. Unless you want battleship/carrier turrets, anyways.

Ban all damage COs, it isn't entirely necessary, but it's recommended.
sellout2154 (07/17/2008 07:47pm):
This is actually very good.


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