Creator: FunkyChunk || First Published: 07/14/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 16x18
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 4.43 in 7 ratings
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FunkyChunk (07/14/2008 06:49pm):
Unit bans: Black bombs, all sea units
Maybe unit bans: Stealths
CO bans: oh come on seriously who doesn't know these 5 by now
Maybe CO bans: Sturm, Javier, Nell (seriously Nell just sucks to play against), Kindle, Sami
Lab units: None, don't be stupid.

The black boats are magical floating healing stations, capable of fully healing any 1HP
unit that rests on the HQ (provided you have the monies). The black boats also create a
neat little bullseye for Rachel, Sturm, and Von Bolt, so watch out for that. If you want
delete a couple of your black boats because you think they're in the way, feel free to do
so, you heartless bastard.

Groundlocked ports function as non healing cities, so it's a bit less of a pain when
trying to kill an enemy medium tank plopped down on them. Except people rarely build
medium tanks because they think neotanks are just so much sexier, but you get the point.
I like medium tanks, because they get the job done and they're 6000 funds cheaper.

I'm fully aware of the ghost unit glitch, but it's unnecessary here and it's glitchy.
Just ban all sea units so nobody builds a sub or something annoying like that.

I'm also well aware that sea units aren't supposed to exist on certain terrain. I can
make exceptions.
Fungi127 (07/15/2008 05:24am):
I like this map. The name made me laugh. As is, I can't really see anything wrong with
it, but this may stem from my serious lack of experience with 2 player games.

As you would say, this is pretty damn sexy. =D
DuelStriker (07/15/2008 12:03pm):
I think the FTA counter should be on the other base, that way JS can capture their airport
amthc356 (07/15/2008 11:16pm):
Turquoise Hamburger has too much of a fund advantage here
Falconewing (05/13/2009 08:35pm):
uh..Turquoise Hamburger?T_-
Kool, magical floating black boats that dont die becuz of resuuplying. Nice cool and sexy.
Except for ports, ports make mappy look baddy.
Rast (05/20/2009 01:00pm):

BH has an extra city
FunkyChunk (05/23/2009 08:07am):
Map has been updated, JS now has an extra city to match BH's extra city. Also JS has an
infantry on the other base because apparently it matters.

Also I made the comm towers pre-owned because making players rush for them was silly.
Nyvelion (06/14/2009 04:29pm):
I'm against this change and I vote to revert it.
FunkyChunk (06/17/2009 01:41am):
Which change, exactly? I made several.

If you're talking about the extra city (and I believe you are) I assume you're just being

However, on the slim chance you're talking about the infantry on the other base, the comm
towers being pre-owned, or the change to the appearance of the river in the middle (that I
didn't mention in my previous comment concerning changes) please specify.

Though I'm almost certain you're just talking about the extra city. You are an insanity.
Falconewing (08/20/2009 09:10am):
I AM AGAINST THE PRE OWNED COM TOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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