World War
Creator: metalsluguy || First Published: 09/07/2005 || Players: 5 || Size: 30x20
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 5.00 in 15 ratings
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Glenstorm (04/13/2005 03:04pm):
Well, this map is grossly innacurate map compared to the
real events of WW1, but putting that aside, this map is
horribly imbalanced.
BM(Germany/Austria-Hungary) has absolutely no chance as it
is flanked by GE(France) BD(Italy) and OS(Russia). While BM
surpasses any one of those 3, any combination of 2 will
likely crush it. Also, vital structures(bases, hqs) are much
to close to the cital structures of the opposing side, BM
has 3 of them within 1 days march.
Despite all this, I DO like the idea, which was executed
fairly well, though not perfectly.
Just my 2 cents
Dullahan (05/24/2005 09:58pm):
Well... I dunno... Sami as BM could wreak some havoc with early-game HQ captures and
Sensei can hold his own with both mechs (notice the close distances) and B-copters
considering the 16000/day income... Also, if BM manages to ally with GE or BD, then
they'll be pretty well off - crush the other one first, then concentrate on OS, then YC.

Nice WWII map (I'm assuming WWII instead of WWI). Could use a few more neutral properties
so that they aren't fighting right off the bat (unless that was the intention). 7/10.
Mr. Warhammer (02/08/2006 12:14pm):
give poland! if it's WW II, poland must be here! (revolution, but it is on start, I will remember it
been here too...)
(06/09/2006 11:57pm | Edited: 08/10/2006 10:59pm):
Blue is definetly not in a good possition. When it's every man for himself OS may have the
(06/10/2006 12:02am | Edited: 08/10/2006 10:58pm):
With proper alliances battles will be okay. Too bad it doesn't follow what alliances really took
place in history.
theseer666 (12/12/2007 09:18pm):
If its WWII, then Blue moon and Brown Desert are on a team
ChocolateVodka (12/13/2007 12:34am):
its like that axis and allies game...kinda... if BM and BD are on a team it looks like it
will be a pretty fair fight. BM and BD would have to finish off GE while fending off OS
and before YC got really involved in the war. YC would spend a lot of its first moves
transporting troops over via seas, or maybe building choppers, probably a bad idea though
seeing as YC would only be making around 9000 a turn.
Nyvelion (08/01/2012 11:30am):
GE loses!
Jackie Milton (06/02/2016 11:56pm):
You really don't like France...
CCCP (12/07/2016 03:41am):
GE doesn't lose, they simply resigned. It's easy to wave the white flag when you have a gun pointed to your head.

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