Aoen of Strife
Creator: Volcove || First Published: 09/20/2008 || Players: 8 || Size: 37x37
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 7.80 in 10 ratings
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Volcove (09/20/2008 02:14pm | Edited: 12/08/2008 02:03pm):
An endless battle between two massive legions of soldiers continues on, but many smaller
factions enter quickly to turn the tides. Who will reign victorious in the end?

Obviously a team game setup, bottom left versus top right, or OS+BM+GE+YC vs RF+CI+TG+PL.
While both red-oriented players have larger funds, they are restricted only to infantry
and mechs (although they could build indirects, they wouldn't be able to do anything
except remain in place). As such, they need to support the other smaller armies, which
would be the primary users for higher level weaponry such as tanks and artillery.

CO bans, aside from the usuals, would likely require Sami as well, since Sami infantry
swarms would be... just brutal. To prevent 1 person from abusing multiple towers, Javier
should be banned as well. Otherwise, knock yourself out.

The missle in each base is to give said OS/RF players another toy to mess around with, and
perhaps swing the tide with a precise blast.

In case you don't know, this is a reference to AoS type custom games made on games like
Starcraft and Warcraft III.
amthc356 (09/20/2008 02:15pm):
OS/RF can make indirects too
Volcove (09/20/2008 02:18pm):
Yes, but they'd just be stuck on the bases without being able to advance, which makes such
usage rather limited. Rockets might be able to stall the capture of the nearby bases by a
little bit, but that is about it.
Hydralisk24 (09/20/2008 06:04pm):
I played the SC version of this :D. Played with the actual creator a couple times too
which is always fun.
Thefishdude (11/26/2008 10:22pm):
Lol, nice Starcraft Reference.
mc2ndltusmc (10/04/2009 08:08pm):
that's kinda mean to lock off OS but heck, only mech support isn't that bad, i've done
that before
demoninnvolt (11/20/2013 03:11am | Edited: 11/20/2013 03:21am):
Maybe if you switch the countries around so that the bottom doesn't have four turns in a row, then the top has
four turns in a row, so that it's bottom, top, bottom, top...

other than that, good map 8/10
Nyvelion (08/13/2014 09:07am):
So is this like a modified Dota map?

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