Dawn of the Dead mod
Creator: TJ the Great || First Published: 07/24/2008 || Players: 11 || Size: 40x40
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Rating: 6.73 in 26 ratings
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TJ the Great (07/24/2008 02:54pm | Edited: 07/24/2008 02:55pm):
Riukken (06/15/2007 11:09pm):
Based off the movie Dawn of the Dead, you have parties. OS is the video game store. BM is
the bookstore. GE is the trinkets and souvenir shop. YC is the entrance with the
escalators. BH is the place where you buy guns and hunting equipment. RF is the security
guards. GS is the manager's office of the mall. BD is the ladies section, with perfumes.
AB is the fast food plaza and JS takes care of the parking lot.
Ban CO's Kanbei, Hachi, and Grit. TG should be Sensei. You must survive for 45+ days. And
just remember if one ally goes down, you all go down.

all credit goes to Riukken, i just used ideas off of the original given in the comments
da dragonator[ish] (07/24/2008 02:56pm):
Nibbles On Marshmallows (07/24/2008 06:17pm):
gtfo da dra
Ducky (07/24/2008 10:52pm):
what is the difference?

TJ the Great (07/25/2008 08:26am):
pre done pipe breaks, RF base, more JS infantry
OutlawFurey (07/25/2008 05:55pm):
at first, I was like: They don't expect that grey army to take it on by themselves, do they?

Then I saw TG around the edge. And I was like "oooohhh"
sicarius1029 (07/31/2008 10:20pm):
hehe wonder how much trouble the team would be if TG was Hachi
interesting concept
i'm gonna try it
*Zap* (08/01/2008 05:09am):
mrapex (08/24/2008 11:55am | Edited: 09/08/2008 08:53pm):
give every country a lab surrounded by pipes so if tg gets a factory all tg can make is
infantry/ mechs

Also... thats alot of units

Béorgit (11/19/2008 03:52am):
Do Zombie's actually know how to launch missile Silos?

Mommy T_T

interesting map though ;p
victoitor (01/19/2009 01:19pm):
I don't think this map is well balanced. To start off, the Red Fire is in a really hard
position to defend themselves. They also don't have a lot of space to move. Can they hold
it off? Well, they could if the zombies didn't have access to the silos. With the silos,
it makes it easy for them to take over Red Fire's team. Then it's done.
Ultra Super Duper Noob (01/19/2009 03:43pm):
well, I looked at both of the maps, and I didnt see much difference except for those few
things mentioned above. maybe a rocket for RF would have been better than giving it to OS.
but overall, slightly better than original
victoitor (01/19/2009 07:24pm):
And which one is the original?

I think those silos should leave, but I still want to play it though... looks fun. :)
ExKirby (01/20/2009 01:22pm):
Hmm... YC has a VERY important roll in this map-making sure the zombies don't get to the silo
core. If they get in, there's only one way that non-infantry units can get into it, and by then,
the silo missiles would be up, and some of the teams would be rubble. And if the zombies try
to pry open the right side, the team above has to help. Simple basics, important theory.
HunterRex (01/26/2009 06:07am):
In fog of War it can be... hummm...
SilentSaber (04/16/2009 10:25pm):
Should surround the outside with 0mp tiles
Ian301095 (07/28/2009 06:18am):
someone heavy tanks the entrance
Ian301095 (07/28/2009 06:19am):
someone heavy tanks the entrance
Meta Rexy (03/26/2011 10:47pm | Edited: 03/26/2011 10:52pm):
This is the best of the zombie defense maps... because it's smaller.
8/10 cuz it gets ridiculous when the games get rolling.
Edit: I think JS should get a second base due to his extremely bad position.
crossing (05/08/2011 07:34am):
Be quick! Please!
vunguyenquang90 (05/26/2011 05:48am):
What if BD use the black bomb and APC to block the way? since the zombie cannot attack that
unit, how could TG beat BD?
funwes (06/04/2011 11:34am):

TG kills everybody else
TG then kills APC
Black Bomb gets destroyed

DJ-Moogle (06/22/2012 11:18pm):
They can't reach the APC if the Black Bomb is in the way. And the Black Bomb will continue
to be refueled each turn.
Zeronix (08/05/2018 01:10pm):
I pity the guy who has to move 100+ units every turn
Meta Rexy (08/06/2018 03:09pm):
Yea... if this map were remade it should have a team of three or four zombie players
rather than one guy. Also it would be better to give the zombies bases, but make non
infantry lab units and pipe them off. This would allow for reinforcements without playing
sensei, but not be a total nightmare to take a turn.

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