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Dihydrogen Monoxide v2 (Design Map by Kamuscha)
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Rating: 6.33 in 15 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
AzureDrag0n1 (10/30/2005 04:32am):
IMO I think YC starts with 1 too many properties.
Dullahan (10/31/2005 07:45pm):
I would agree - 7 vs 5 is probably a tad more than necessary. 7 vs 6 would be fine though
Nyvelion (12/11/2005 07:14pm):
I see 5 green properties and 7 yellow ones... or am I blind?
Maraj (12/17/2005 12:05am):
Nope, you see correctly.

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