The United Provinces of the Netherlands
Creator: SuperSnipe || First Published: 07/28/2008 || Players: 6 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.58 in 12 ratings
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SuperSnipe (07/28/2008 07:24am):
This is my homeland: "The Netherlands" and OS is my hometown.

It's my first map, so please comment and help to make it better.

Everzwijn (07/28/2008 01:18pm):
ZOMG that's my homeland too! =O

10/10 from your fellow Dutchman.
Ducky (07/28/2008 11:35pm):
Let htem into the wall from more places or not at all.
Zinco (07/28/2008 11:46pm):
XD, i love Netherlands and ii want to speak Dutch (but i'm very bad in that XD), good map,
but you would put belgium as neutral bases and cities YC has advantages
SuperSnipe (07/29/2008 06:09am | Edited: 07/29/2008 06:50am):
It sucks bigtime. But don't worry, you'll get there.

Edit: I did not say that, my dickhead brother did.
SuperSnipe (07/29/2008 06:59am | Edited: 07/30/2008 02:58am):
@ Everzwijn: thank you, but giving a 10 because your my co-inhabitant, is not really fair...
BTW: in which part of NL do you live?

@ Ducky: I made one entrance so that only OS and RF will fight for the German airport.
Every country has to fight for an airport.

@ Zinco: thank you, but I do not really understand what you mean. Should I make Belgium
playable? Like with plains, roads and cities?
BTW: where do you come from? Germany? Or are you a rare American who wants to learn

@ anyone listening: If Everzwijn gave me a ten, and my average is 6.5 in 2 ratings, who
gave me a three?
nerd-boy (07/29/2008 08:50am):
Regardless of playability, I'm gonna plonk this into the Historical/Geographical category,
as it looks like a really well-thought out and accurate version of the country.
SuperSnipe (07/29/2008 10:07am):
Thank you
Meta Rexy (07/30/2008 04:08pm):
Geographically, you did an excellent job.
But putting an airport in the middle of nowhere with a chokepointy end?
That will probably never be used.
Also you should consider widening the bridges. Kinda Chokepointy.
Not too much balance in terms of property distribution. OS has access to cities blocked by
rivers (so almost nothing will get to it) while GE has nothing and has to fight with BH
and YC for airports and ports.

Obviously if you're aiming for accuracy over playability this map deserves a 9.
If you're aiming for playability however you're gettng a 6.
I'll give you a 7 for now.
SuperSnipe (07/31/2008 12:38pm):
Thanks for your comment, I'll change some things
Zinco (08/03/2008 04:10pm | Edited: 08/03/2008 11:17pm):
xD, yes, i mean you can put in belgium as neutral cities and bases, and rigth, i'm not
european, yes America rules xP....

XD and BTW dutch as a lang is simply awesome, rare but cool XD.

Zinco (08/23/2008 11:53am):
GE is broken, the only chance to capture their HQ is via T-Copter, their units can't be
destroyed as easy like BM ones and stuff
Béorgit (10/27/2008 11:46am):
Overijssel will win! Twente!
SuperSnipe (11/05/2008 03:32pm):
airob (01/15/2009 01:21pm):
wait...that is my homeland...wait isn´t... should put GE HQ in way it can be captured without needing a
t.copter....also...that huge sea just begs for some ports don´t you think??..and add some
more make it intersting than what it is should
disperse BM to other part....they ARE actually surrounded by OS,BH and RF
Veritech (09/18/2013 03:38pm):
Who are you hiding that airport on the right from?

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