Nightmares Echo in My Head
Creator: Ultra Storm || First Published: 09/12/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 18x18
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 8.02 in 54 ratings
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Harti1990 (08/25/2008 10:35am):
Looks awesome at first glance.

Second glance says: "Recons hooray!"
Third glance says: "Chokepoints hooray!"

Very interesting map (design & idea) though! :)
Ultra Storm (08/26/2008 11:02am | Edited: 09/27/2008 03:38pm):
I wouldn't say recons are too powerful. Arties, tanks and mechs (with APCs) make it in time
to stop them.
SmackCakes (09/10/2008 05:26pm):
I gave it 10 just for looking awesome :)
DuelStriker (09/12/2008 02:41pm):
Meta Rexy (05/30/2009 12:25am):
This map screams for Kindle and lash.
and it makes my eyes hurt :(
Harti (06/12/2009 12:16pm | Edited: 06/12/2009 12:20pm):
9000 funds per base, lolwut?
DuelStriker (07/10/2009 10:08am):
6.86 in 7 ratings

...what's with the low ratings for this map?
Darth Hawke (07/11/2009 02:25pm):
If they want to rate low, at least give a reason, you know?

Though it's easy to beat the Carrier. With full HP, it can OHKO B-Copters, but when hit by
an Artillery, it has to decide whether to move out of the Art's way or attack the B-Copter
(if the player builds one on the same day)
Falconewing (09/05/2009 10:54am):
10'd to counter. needa at least an 8.
Falconewing (09/05/2009 10:54am):
w00t my rating made it to 7!
MS1 (10/31/2009 06:53am):
good idea :)
Sancho (11/02/2009 11:41pm):
The best thing that can be said about this map is that it just plain looks like a lot of
fun to play.

Ultra Storm (07/13/2011 06:41am | Edited: 08/11/2011 05:37pm):
I made some minor changes by removing the pipes and some of the woods in the area around
the carrier, as well as adding a shoal. This should widen the front in the area and make
arties less dominating.

I also removed the frontmost shoals of the HQ islands because they can be reached in 1 turn by some COs.
Headphone (12/28/2011 11:40pm):
Hey, I just noticed that this map has no plains.
Deaninator (01/27/2012 04:30am):
This map hurts my eyes. It really does. But other than that, I can't find anything wrong with it.
jamesserrano9999 (04/12/2012 05:38am):
well jake must be banned! lol... 9/10.. well I always play this map in league games. and
storm is not banned damn..
jamesserrano9999 (04/27/2012 02:43am | Edited: 05/03/2012 10:42pm):
hmmm,, nice map.. kindle must be imbalance here
RNT (01/09/2013 03:47pm):
Sami should be banned. mechs are OP on this map
demoninnvolt (12/15/2013 12:49am):
Nyvelion (02/14/2014 12:52pm):
He flew in the aircraft carrier on a carrier aircraft
ptaward (01/03/2015 11:51pm):
It's the type of flying carrier in the Avengers movie
Nyvelion (10/11/2016 08:28am):
Ugh, that carrier. That was like the most unrealistic thing in that movie. That design
would never work.
Dragunov14 (02/07/2017 07:26pm):
Actually, real navies will dock their carriers in tiny water ports separated by a decent distance from the
sea for maintenance. Hell they'll even drain the water out if it needs its hull to be worked on. I've stood
underneath one and looked up at it while it was exactly in this situation. They are truly a remarkable huge
hunk of steel and I can say that after serving on one.

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