A Long Road Full Of Doom And Evilness
Creator: Days Of Ruin || First Published: 08/20/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 59x21
Categories: None
Rating: 7.63 in 8 ratings
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Days Of Ruin (08/20/2008 12:06pm):
I don't know about those towers in the pipe. Should they stay in the pipe or not?
funwes (08/20/2008 03:52pm):


The towers behind the pipes aren't really that bad. It might be a tad annoying to get, but
not bad. Btw: I'm kind of concerned about recons blocking the capture of the forward base,
but I'm too lazy to count spaces to see so.
Days Of Ruin (08/20/2008 04:47pm):
40 spaces to the forward base.
Harti1990 (08/20/2008 05:19pm):
I don't think anyone wants to play this map as it will take waaaaay too long until a
battle starts and it will take waaaaay too long to move that hundreds of units forward and
win... only my thought.

As when I play a map, I get bored after 20 days or so. On this map, by day 20, nothing
will have occured yet. But overall it's quite a decent map.
Red11 (08/21/2008 08:10am | Edited: 08/21/2008 08:13am):
Big maps arent like small maps. You have to make them with multiple fronts, with disputed
bases and high funds, strategic complexity and quick action otherwise it is exactly like Harti

For example:

Days Of Ruin (08/21/2008 11:49am):
Wait So because of the lack of bases. This map gets a crappy rating? Or because you
shouldn't ever try to make a huge 2P map.
Harti1990 (08/21/2008 02:07pm):
I myself did not rate the map at all, so excuse me.

Additionally, you shouldn't ever try to make a huge 2P map, right.
worldchamp (08/27/2008 02:57am):
how do i play advance wars lol?

Days Of Ruin (08/29/2008 04:41pm):
go to wiki or forums
Armageddon07 (04/19/2009 09:29am):
this is preatty firkin awesome!! but idk about sturm...always cheating the rules... lol. 10/10

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